Friday, June 03, 2005

Whiners of the Month for May

About three times a day, someone on the anarchist left suggests that Lorna Marsden is trying to shut her up.

Now, it is pretty clear that if Lorna Marsden was trying to shut this anonymous individual up, (let's call her "protester X"), protester X would probably be shut up already.

York has free speech coming out of its ears. It has a thriving student press, a thriving labour union press, and student groups devoted exclusively to advancing their right to scream in someone else's face. It would seem from web chatter, student papers, and a casual glance that we have far more free speech than anyone else in this country.

Yet, nonetheless, YUFA, the rabid faculty association representing a few extremists and a lot of normal professors, has gone whining to the Canadian Association of University Teachers (CAUT) to ask for an investigation into academic freedom at York, report both CAUT and Excalibur.

"Freedom of speech is very fragile. The way it is dealt with in one university affects how other universities deal with it," says James Turk, executive director of the CAUT.
Turk says that the investigation will be far-ranging, examining general governance practices and policies such as the temporary use of space, which bans gatherings in certain areas and requires 30 day notice to book other university spaces. The report will even take a look at York's controversial land deal for the Tribute housing community.

Is this an investigation or a witch hunt?

For whining above and beyond the call of duty, I call upon YUFA and CAUT to share the whiner-of-the-month badge of shame for May.

Forgive me if my free speech offends you.


Blogger The Tiger said...

Isn't the biggest threat to freedom of speech on Canadian university campuses the student groups who try to disrupt serious speeches and presentations made by controversial figures? (e.g. the cancelled speeches at Concordia, etc.)

9:42 p.m.  
Blogger Walsh Writes said...

When I was at York, the only freedom of speech was for the left.

I think that it is better there now.. but obviously the lefties are getting worried that they will no longer have a monopoly on the academic trade.

9:07 p.m.  

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