Sunday, May 29, 2005

The things that are actually wrong with America (Corrected version)

There is an internet program called Speedy Vote, that attempts to ensure your favorite Idol is not eliminated. You get the software, an "automatic redialer" and program it to vote through your modem for your candidate and tell it how many times to vote.

There are things that are wrong with America. Many of them revolve around the fact that people in a nation of 272 million are willing to cast 500 million votes about who sang the best. Other things wrong in America involve people actually being willing to spend $30 on the software - the show's outcome is worth that much to them.

It's not even like we're giving Carrie nuclear warheads to manage or anything.


From the site's clarification on 'votes or voters':

One thing is for certain and that is that the number of votes is increasing each week and you will hear Ryan Seacrest make statements such as "Vote as much as you want", "Vote as often as you like" to encourage viewers to help make the vote count even larger.

So what happens when you hear American Idol's host Ryan Seacrest announce a new large vote count the next week and you know that you put a little more effort in that week to cast more votes? Does it make you feel like you played an important role in helping to make the shows new record? That is exactly why we are marketing Speedy Vote's, American Idol voting software. It helps you, help the show make history. It helps you place votes for your favorite Idol contestant. It helps you get through on American Idol's busy toll free numbers to cast your vote.

Do you think the show will ever limit voting to one vote per household? If so, you better think again. It's all about marketing and the more people that call in, and the more votes that each fan places, the more successful the show is. It's like a magnet and it makes more people feel that they should vote also or that they should place more votes. Why? Because everyone else is doing it.

"Because everyone else is doing it" - apparently, not just a reason to have sex and smoke pot.
Also, apparently, there were only 272 million people in America in 1999.

Who knew?


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I love your site. It's hard to find people who are speaking freely these days!

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