Sunday, May 08, 2005

Right Thinking Girl's Weekend Survey 10

In this Weekend Survey 10, Right Thinking Girl asks:

1. If you were a writer, what kinds of books would you write?

LAY says: I would write non-fiction. The truth about what happened at York these last three years is far, far more entertaining than any fiction I can find.

2. Do you expect to ever be famous in your lifetime? If yes, what do you expect to be famous for?

LAY says: Famous, no. Well known within a small localized community, yes. For my writing.

3. Say something liberal.

LAY: Tax cuts are bad. Just yesterday, tax cuts killed some innocent people.

4. Say something conservative.

LAY: Tax cuts are good. Just yesterday, tax cuts saved small puppies from disaster.

5. What did you dream about last night?

I had a nightmare in which I was protesting alongside Dan Freeman-Maloy. Michael Moore and Saddam Hussein were kind enough to join us.

6. What have you read this week? Include everything: magazines, emails, blogs, books, etc.

Ummmm, textbooks, the new Dan Brown, Paul Cooper's new site, IMAO, the Tiger, Dose, the National Post, and because I couldn't grab anything else on the way onto the subway, that left-wing drivel Eye Weekly. Ick. Old favourites by Steven Gould and the great dame herself Ayn Rand. And duh, this list.

7. Tell me about your worst date ever.

Reunion breakfast in Jerusalem with old boyfriend who told me I was a manipulative control freak. It's not like he wasn't telling the truth, but still, kinda sucks.

8. Name three of your bad habits and three of your good habits.

Bad Habits: Blogging when I should be doing something constructive.
Watching DVDs when I should be doing something constructive.
All other forms of procrastinating.

Good Habits: Blogging. Reading a lot. Eating my vegetables.

9. Tell me something you're very proud of.

Sticking to my Weight Watchers, which is not a diet. It's a lifestyle.

10. Give me a piece of wisdom that I should pass on to Parker Grace (who is now twelve weeks old)."

Never let a boy tell you that you are a manipulative control freak. Even if you are. Instead of going out with a boy, go shopping. Boys come and go. But the right classic tee will last forever if you buy it in enough colours.


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