Friday, May 06, 2005

Is it a crime to incite capitalism?

Check me out on INCITE's Carnival of the Capitalists.

My picks:
ZeroBoss writes on the liberating nature of the blogosphere in which the little guy can do it him or herself instead of being at the mercy of the big guns:
"Many bloggers (myself included) have harbored a secret desire to 'go big-time' - get mainstream media attention, land an appearance on Oprah, and live in a gated community with a 90210 zip. But blogging's entering a new phase. The pieces are in place for bloggers to build cottage industries out of their talent. That's the real power of blogging: the ability to serve micro-markets neglected by those in search of the next million-dollar opportunity."

Also, a gem on slacking in the workforce.

Sorry with the brevity of blogging. Summer jobs suck.


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