Friday, May 06, 2005

Freedom of Speech for Whiners

The Whiner of the Month for April is very clearly the Dan Freeman-Maloy fan club.

This case last month was a clear indication that DFM himself will stop at nothing to get lots of cash out of Lorna and the university (he's suing for $850,000) ... but it's all the people who fall all over themselves pretending he's the Jesus of the socialists who really enable his ongoing absurd behavior.

Why they do this I do not understand. If you believe in this hard-core activism, go be an activist. Don't post stupid comments on the blog or bow down to his effigy and think you're getting the man down.

You're not.

So everyone who loves him, talks about him, strokes his ego, even those who take the time to write extremely long comments and leave them on my blog qualify to receive this award. Liberty Dog noticed aptly that I have for the first time enabled comments in my relaunch. Being post-York makes me think that I can do so and it won't be a big huge deal.

Of course, I have two choices - give freedom of speech on MY SITE to the "We love DFM" club, or be a censor. I have enabled comments. I can delete stupid comments from idiots like this individual, or I can leave them up and mock them.

Anyone who reads my blog knows well enough that I like mocking people and hate censorship.

So to the Dan Freeman-Maloy lovers of the're all whiners too. Feel better now that Dan is not the only one getting right-wing venom spat at him?

This April goes out to unwashed whiners everywhere, who are so insignificant, the most they will do in their entire semi-literate and unexciting lives is post anonymous comments on random and uninfluential blogs like mine. Really, what are you accomplishing by posting? You think you make me question my beliefs? You don't.

You just make my day (I can't crusade against whiners without the whiners pre-existing) and make me realize that I am much smarter and well-reasoned than you are.

Whiners of the world, unite!

Then go away.

Note on posting comments on my site: I now allow anyone to post. I may change that if need be. If you write something stupid and/or whiny, I will mock you. Extensively. I reserve the right, however, to delete comments that are slanderous or defamatory in any manner. Wanna call me a "talking pile of pig snot" (for example)? Get your own blog.


Blogger The Tiger said...

Talking pile of pig snot? That's not so bad. I mean, given that it's a visual medium, we don't even know whether you can talk. ;-)

7:15 p.m.  
Blogger One Ordinary York U alumna said...

Oh, I can talk. It's getting me to shut up that's the problem.

9:49 a.m.  
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