Sunday, May 08, 2005

Brock on Equalization

brock: on the attack.:

Dalton McGuinty, who is a liar, is quite the character. I mean, who would have thought that it would be a Liberal premier from Ontario who would be the one to completely upset the national equalization program?

I don't want to have to bring myself to give McGuinty credit for anything -- and I won't -- but if you're an Ontario taxpayer like I am and you look at these numbers, it's quite the kick in the balls.

If Ontario got back in services what it paid in taxes, we could basically give every Ontarian a 25% income tax cut and maintain services the way they are today. That's quite the figure. Having nearly one-quarter of every Ontario taxdollar being earmarked for the subsidy of other provinces is quite an extreme figure in my mind.

The difference between myself and Dalton McGuinty is of course, that if he gets his hands on that 25%, he'll spend it all, and probably even further raise taxes. Me? I'd give it all back to taxpayers and thensome. But on the other hand, I'm just a stupid neocon."

He's right about McGuinty being a liar, and I'd add "racist wanker" to that as well for his ideas on how publicly-funded religious education is only OK for certain religions, but he is dead-on on the funding gap.

I wouldn't say give it all back in tax credits, though I personally went to the legislature and protested that stupid new Medical Tax this time last year. Paul Martin, also a jackass, cares little about crumbling hospitals and schools in Ontario and ignores the fact that though Ontario is a "rich" province, that doesn't help our poor people any.

I like income taxes. They're equalizing. I would rather they kept income taxes, funded our schools, hospitals and universities, and dumped the sales taxes, which hurt the poor the most.

Oh, I forgot. The Liberals first got elected in 1993 promising to get rid of the GST. I'll expect that repealed any day now. Or perhaps Martin enjoys oppressing the poor?


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