Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Whiners of the month for February

The official Toronto Star brouhaha over the "land scandal" is only made wackier by the extreme political protests that ensued:

The meeting's seating limitations, which prevented all 40 protestors from entering the meeting, were harshly criticized. When locked out of the traditional in-camera session, protestors began to bang on the one-way mirror windows of the room where the meeting was held, knowing that though they could not see the Board, the Board could see them.

The Board moved to a second-floor room for the rest of the meeting. University officials allowed three student protesters to enter, warning them that only board members may address the board.

Nonetheless, two of the students began addressing the board a few minutes later. When they were asked to be quiet, the protesters outside the doors began chanting "Lorna out! BOG out!"

In response to the ongoing chanting, the board adjourned their meeting.
I don't know what makes people think that mob rule is okay. 40 screaming protesters? You better believe I'd boot it out of there.


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