Monday, April 25, 2005

My Googleability

Thanks to Statcounter, I know that 28 of my last 100 pageloads were from people googling random words and finding little old me. Actually, 27. One was a Yahoo! Search.

Just cuz it's fun, a sampling of the searches that will lead you to me....

Four searches for "york university sucks" lead people here.


"york u frosh week" takes you here.

Not what the seeker bargained for, I'd bet.

"york u parking tickets are illegal" leads here.

I also like the person who searched for "excalibur sucks york". I certainly agree.

But the absolute best is the searcher for "bill gates & the truth about being muslim", in which my main page is #4 in the results.

Moral of the story? Put quote marks around names when you Google. And expect the unexpected.


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