Thursday, April 21, 2005

Men are rats. They're fleas on rats. They're amoebas on fleas on rats. Especially if they're Dan Freeman-Maloy.

Since there is little I ennjoy more than slamming veteran whiner DFM, here is more food for thought:

York University President Lorna Marsden is a public official, and a student
activist should be able to sue her for flagrantly abusing her power as such, lawyer Peter Rosenthal told an Ontario Superior Court hearing yesterday.

"The legislature gave her this power [to discipline students] by statute, and she abused it," Mr. Rosenthal told Madam Justice Alexandria Hoy of the Ontario Superior Court.

Idiot. If she was elected, or appointed by an elected government official, then fine. But she's picked by the Senate and the Board and various other internal York types, and so entirely not a public official. Though I think she was once on the Canadian Senate. The worst thing I can say about Lorna Marsden is she's a Liberal.

Of course, that's better than the worst thing I can say about DFM, which is that he is a whiner. A greedy little whiner:

Although the court overturned the suspension in July, Mr. Freeman-Maloy launched an $850,000 lawsuit against Ms. Marsden, York's board of governors and the university for libel, misfeasance and breach of academic freedom.

Of course, the university is fighting this one tooth and nail:

York University lawyer William McDowell argued that, although an institution can be created by statutory power and its officers given duties by law, that does not make its officers public officials.

He said that, for instance, if an officer of a company incorporated under the Ontario Business Corporations Act fails in his duties under the act, that does not make the officer a public official who could be sued for misfeasance in public office.

See, and in addition to that being true, it's also not whiny.


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