Thursday, April 21, 2005

Kick the bums out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (And what is up with Blogger?)

Go figure that following the craziest three hours of news in Canada in a long time, Blogger goes down. Here are thoughts from Debbye, Meatriarchy, and Canadian Comment:

Every Canadian government must be held accountable and to the highest standards possible, if Canadians let the Liberal party get away with this type of behavior, what kind of message would we sending to our elected officials? Steal from us, we don't care! Is that the type of lesson that the Liberals should learn from this experience? No, its not. Each and every government that is involved in this type of behavior will be made to pay a heavy price, that's the message we should sending.
Nothing from Andrew Coyne, for those of us who are too impatient to wait for the Post tomorrow. Also Adam Daifallah hasn't done anything since Question Period.

Been listening to CPAC on my laptop. I'm like many Canadians, fuming that they put money in their own pockets rather than in crumbling schools, crumbling hospitals and national priorities like feeding people.

The Liberals make me sick - Martin shouldn't be so smug, and he shouldn't have the audacity to suggest that they are even remotely qualified to govern.

Martin says: "That's my job, I'm willing to clean it up."

TTAY/LAY says: "You're fired. We'll get someone else to clean it up."

Call an election, Martin.


Update: Also worth reading.


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