Sunday, March 06, 2005

Evil Glenn protests - hey, he must be a York student!

Thanks to Alliance members for making those of us who are pro-class and anti-disruption feel less alone, now that we know our neighbours to the south have much to be protested by Evil Glenn. Shortly, we will return to our regularly scheduled sarcasm. Some of us are trying to graduate here.

Except for Independence Day, Flag Day, Memorial Day, Veteran's Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Groundhog Day, and Arbor Day, President's Day is the
patriotic-est holiday of them all. So, Evil Glenn - being evil and all - probably hates it. How will he register his displeasure? The following Alliance members clue us in:

LEM of Strike Thee With Curses says that the protest is "all about the TALLLLLLLL", not the OILLLLLLLL.

Basil of Basil's Blog explains how - in a roundabout way - it's all about the BILLLLLLLY Mumy.

Sapere of I Am The Hermit left this notion in the comments:By dressing up as the beloved George Washington, with a twist---as a Washington-esque transvestite and flouncing around campus carrying a banner, "Washington- the first Gay American-Make Love, Not War".


Now, if that's not enough to burn a Glenn Reynolds effigy, I don't know what is.

Amigo of Amigo's Place thinks it's all about the HILLLLLLLARY.

El Bandito of Baby Wings says it's all about the BILLLLLLLLLL Gates.

Sally of Whimsy Capricious insists that it's all about the penguin LLLLLLLLLOVE.

I (Harvey of... well, IMAO now, at least for Alliance Assignments) maintain that it's all about the DOLLLLLLLLARS.

GEBIV of There's One, Only! wants us to realize that it's all about the NASCAR

Whatever the reasons given, we REALLY know that it's all about the GLLLLLLLLLENN!



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