Monday, January 31, 2005

If Michael Moore shot a documentary at York...

The Alliance of Free Blogs does funny things sometimes. Here is a funny:
What will Michael Moore's next "documentary" be about?

If Michael Moore shot a documentary at York, what documentary would he shoot?


Well, he might start with "Bowling for Vari", in which he attempts to uncover how hundreds of poor, marginalized protesters had the crap kicked out of them when all they were doing was trying to put their political agenda in front of the schooling of others. Silly others, the protesters just need to have the right to storm about and express themselves in your face.

Then he might move on to "Supersize York", in which he argues that York's president Lorna Marsden is clearly poisoning the fast-food that is being served to unsuspecting Falafel Hut-eating anarchists. Best feature: Lots of oppressed-looking protesters telling the cashier at Falafel Hut: "Supersize my balls!"

Then of course who could possible forget "Fahrenheit 196", in which Moore discovers that students who take the 196 express to York are being silenced by a lack of student space on the overcrowded buses.

And last but not least, "The Corporation", in which he discovers that tuition at York is so cheap ($5K a year is cheap!) because evil, bloodsucking corporations have the audacity to subsidize the education of those whose only life goal is to shut down those very corporations. A tear-jerking scene will include sad-looking anarchists being presented with a bill for the true cost of their education, minus corporate subsidies, which they will tearfully but bravely agree to pay in the name of not supporting evil, bloodsucking corporations, because everyone knows they are evil.

SIC SEMPER TYRANNIS! (For those of you who are confused by the Alliance motto, it is Latin for "Marx would be turning over in his grave if he knew what labour activists were doing in his name today.")

But seriously, Michael, come to York. We'll make you whiner of the month!


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