Saturday, January 15, 2005

2004 - Year of the whiners

I skipped December whiner of the month because I decided I would be better off doing whiner of the year for 2004.

I thought a lot while I was supposed to be listening to boring profs yak about Neitzsche and the tragic chorus, and I pondered a lot of people who would make excellent whiners.

With little fanfare, I have discovered that there are many many whiners who deserve to be crowned for their uber-whines.

Fortunately, it seems clear to me that if any one group were to be called Whiner-of-the-year, it would be the LEFT.

You're going to forgive me for not caring that Unity won a three-month term at YFS. With the PNP actions of last week, I am not entirely sure I still support them. We shall see how bad Unity turns out to be.

Let's look back at 2004:

Ontarians in paroxysms of joy at the Liberal win in provincial government saw the McGuinty government come in and raise taxes. The ensuing panic saw Canadians lose their minds and almost elect a federal Conservative government.

A Maclean's poll indicated that if running in Canada, more Canadians would vote for Ralph Nader than George W. Bush.

Bush still won by 4 million votes and increased his majorities in House and Senate. Ouch.

At York, the CFS wants lower tuition. The TAs want smaller classes and higher salaries. The left wants corporations out of York. Where is this hypothetical money coming from? The public sector would like their cash to go build more hospitals.

And don't even get me started on Dan Freeman-Maloy and his motley crew, who are three steps to the left of the rest of the left.

Whiners, all of you.


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