Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Whiner of the month posted by slowpoke of the month

F***ing exams; no time to blog.

Three nominees for whiner of the month:

Two I like very much; one less so. The truth is it's my blog so I shouldn't have to post anything at all that I don't want, but let's, for the sake of fairness, give all three a shot:

First, from "M◊ôlanie Argent"mailto:m_argent1984@yahoo.ca:

I would like to nominate the whole Progress Not Politics team for being such sore loosers.

What was on their website the day after they all lost? 'You made your bed...hope you can lie in it?' Tell me that's not bitter and whiny!

Even better - they hold an emergency general meeting at the Novotel ?!

Why didn't they do this on York campus? What a waste of our students' money! Something tells me they are doing everthing they can to spend it all before the Unity ticket takes office in January. They approved $20,000 for a party for the outgoing YFS. This is nothing short of being whiny little babies who cannot get used to the fact they lost.

Now since I am a bitch, I will first mock the fact that Melanie can't spell "sore losers" correctly. Then I will pull a Norman Finklestein and post her email WITH her email address so anyone (especially spam bots) can find it on the world wide web.

Then I will say, what-ever! So they whined once. I specifically decided not to whine about their loss though it made me unhappy, and I think that while it seems that they too are unhappy for being smashed, it does not make them the whiniest whiners in whineronia.

And their comment, while snippy, is merely reflective of the truth. York asked for Unity and will get Unity. May I note that Unity exec Rabia Siddiqui was not half as polite after losing last year's election - she and her friends brought forward elections complaints from here to Timbuktu which were chiefly responsible for the two-month delay in ratifying last year's council.

One line on a website? Downright conciliatory.

Nice try Melanie, and forgive me for noting that YOU seem to be the teeniest bit cranky yourself. Ever heard of a sore winner?

I can't say I know anything about the money thing, but if it is true, forgive me for reminding you that this is what is called the spoils of power. It is always scandalous when a government uses money to their own benefit - but everyone does it. I expect Unity to do it too. After all, they promised to give themselves money in their election campaign.

Second, from "Mega Man":

How could it be anybody but Furat Al Yassin's friends? Apparently they were so worried about funding TBLGAY that Furat had to send them an email to reassure them that the 7 Muslims and & 7 Blacks on the slate were "conservative" when it came to sexual diversity. In other words, Furat suspected (for some reason) that Muslims and Blacks would be uncomfortable enough with the idea of homosexuality that they would allow that feeling to influence their YFS voting. Pretty disgusting if you ask me.

Hmmmm.....hard one. While I personally am for same-sex marriage, I would understand why someone with deeply held religious beliefs would be uncomfortable actively pushing for something they find immoral.


Truthfully, no. Sorry Mega, but the email was private (until Excalibur put it online and in the paper) so they were just talking among friends - decidedly less whiny then some of our more whiney whineroos, who whine in the media.

Third, (saving the best for last), Paul reminds me that SPHR (which Furat is head of) was so whiny that after they came out in support of the Jewish community, which was unfairly targeted by David Noble in his recent pamphlet, they quickly reversed course poorly.

As per Excal:

SPHR president Furat al Yassin commented, "we stand behind our commitment to combat all forms of racism, discrimination and misinformation ... and SPHR in no way endorses the views expressed [by Noble]".

But SPHR's position on the matter was amended before Thursday's free speech rally, when the group issued a statement which read that it "emphatically supports professor Noble and other like-minded, open-minded professors who ... elicit critical thought from students on campuses".

So now, they are just flip-flopping more than John Kerry. But it gets better:

Shadi Hajjara, SPHR's regional coordinator for Toronto, explained that the group's second statement was issued because it felt that the University administration distorted SPHR's position on Noble's material.

"Although we are not officially supporting the leaflet ... we don't believe it to be anti-Semitic and hold that [Noble] had every right to give it out," Hajjara says.

SPHR claims that their spokespeople were not furnished with a copy of the material they were asked to condemn.

Talk about whineration.

So there you have it - SPHR is Whiner of the month for November.

Stay tuned for the fun December - super-duper 2004 whiner of the year! (Coming shortly after the new year...)


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