Thursday, December 16, 2004

Underrated blogs

I decided to go through the Ecosystem and check out cool blogs York students would like to read and only post those sad new blogs that have no links. The only caveat that it has to have been updated recently. No blogs that have done nothing since June.

So here goes:
There's this Student Money Tips blog...Nothing since October, but useful archives.
Dude, where's the beach is full of interesting stuff.
Minyan of it only if you already know what a minyan is.
No recent posts but still worth a mention: The Embedded conservative is a conservative working amidst a sea of liberals. Sound familiar?
Kind of liberal, but human rights should be universal, so let's hear it for Amendment Nine. I especially like them because one of their bloggers notes that there has been a "dramatic decline in free-thinking on university campuses".
And one funny one called Blue Damage.

I think that's enough altruism for one day.


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