Wednesday, December 15, 2004

So overrated

Did I ever mention how much I love Right Wing Duck? Not personally - never met him. But really, he makes me laugh so much. I admire a humourous man with a healthy level of disdain. Here are my favorite two from his lengthy list of Most Overrated in 2004:

These awards, represented by a small pile of gold plated duck poop on a little pedestal, are given to those personalities that have stayed in the limelight for no logical reason.
Can anyone say "Dan Freeman-Maloy"?

John Kerry.
Sure he’s war hero. Just ask anybody who didn’t serve with him. Otherwise, the Democrats were looking for the ultimate Not Bush candidate. Memo to Democrats. There are 300 million Americans who are not Bush. You could have done much better. In fact, for 2008 you might consider a candidate who as actually done something in the last 30 years.

Amen. I'd vote Democrat if there was an adequate candidate!

And last but not least - the lifetime non-achievement award goes to…

The United Nations.
Dear Koffi, the Sudan is still slaughtering thousands of their own people. Make sure you write a strongly worded memo. BTW Mr. Annan, did your son leave any bribe money lying around? Tuesday is Bring Your Daughter to Work Day.
Amen. What the UN does to Sudan whilst persecuting Israel for defending its own people is shocking.


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