Thursday, December 16, 2004

On whining (on Prancer, on Dancer, on Blitzen...)

The Tiger In Winter wrote in to comment on my trademark move, nominating whiners in my ongoing Anti-Whiner crusade.

Re whining:

Isn't the very essence of blogging whining of one sort or another?
Justified whining, I grant you, but whining nonetheless.

My $0.02. ;-)

I think whining depends on a lot of things. The kind I mock is the unjustified and/or excessive kind - like whining about your elected officials and not voting; whining about your elected officials and begrudging the public of the right to choose the wrong leader; whining too much, or too hard about something you could be acting construtively about.

I try not to whine. I snipe, I comment, and I express my thoughts. I don't blame other people for things that are my problem like most whiners do (Dan Freeman-Maloy, for example, broke York's rules flagrantly. SPHR shouldn't make public statements if they won't stand by their word.) I act very decisively in my personal life, but I have opinions and I express them. That's not whining. I specifically try not to whine, because it just gets really old really quickly.

And I don't try to tell anyone that my problems are their problems, like many of my whiners have done.

I don't think annoying whiny whining can be justified in the way ranting can, because there is a matter of tone and word choice. I didn't say "It's not fair PNP lost," I said "the students have spoken".

I'm not a whiner.

I'm many things, but I'm not a whiner.



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