Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Hanukkah presents for terrorists

The Alliance has posed the question: What should we get the terrorists for Christmas?

In light of the news about what is going on in Greece, I only can say that my Hanukkah present for the people of Greece, Israel, Palestine, Beslan and Iraq would be the freedom to ride a bus without fear of violence, if I could grant it.

My Hanukkah present to all the terrorists of the world is an idea I got from an old ex-boyfriend, who said that Israeli construction companies who need to wreck old buildings should just hire suicide bombers to blow themselves up at the demolition sites. Easy demolition, less suicide bombers: Two birds, one stone.

Good present, eh? It's employment!

Granted, he also said that I was domineering and controlling. (Jackass.) He wasn't wrong about that.


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