Wednesday, December 15, 2004

2004 Blog awards (not mine!)

Those of you devoted readers know that I sometimes do awards. This time, people who are entirely not me have done some awards, and I think that's cool.
So here are the results, which are "based on 366,187 votes cast in all categories over 10 days in early December 2004."
That's a lot of votes.

Categories included best overall blog, best liberal blog, best conservative blog, best humor blog (because Americans spell things funny), etc. Also, specialized International categories and Ecosystem based categories put small blogs vs. other small blogs and big blogs vs. other big blogs - kinda fairer that way.

Special props to small dead animals, whom I have never seen before, for winning best Canadian blog. To quote Jim Carrey at one of the Oscars ceremonies I watched a million years ago:

"It's an honour just to be nomi- Oh. God."

(Quite frankly, and this is a major admission - I doubt my blog, with its limited scope, would ever become super popular. How far I have gotten with my anti-whining rants has been overwhelming - I am shocked anyone outside of York would care about life as a Conservative on an uber-Marxist campus. Thanks to all those who've supported me. Sniff.)

Anyhow, I am glad to have discovered this happy new (to me) blog, which posts such useful things like Federal Budget Line Items:
Federal Gun Registry - $2 billion
Official Bilingualism - (another) $750 million
"Queen" Adrienne - $19 million
Sheila Copps "free" flags - $15.2 million

No wonder we have no money for health care.

Also, special second-place props to IMAO, for Frank's impressive finish in the humour category. I woulda voted Frank had I not been busy failing all my exams. (In case y'all didn't notice that I blogged twice daily in the summer and like twice monthly in the fall.)

Most amusingly, the 2004 Weblog Awards site itself has rocketed to #12 on the ecosystem - with almost 2000 links from everyone trying to get all their buddies to vote for them, and reporting on the outcome. (Hell, I just added seven.)

Congrats to all the winners - and to all the non-winners out there, remember, God loves little people too.


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