Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Score one for big breasts

The Tiger in Winter noted that Hedy Lamarr was a screen star who parlayed that career into one being an inventor...all because she wanted a breast enlargement.

Which was decidedly less my point than the fact that even my intelligent intellectual guy friends tend to talk about women based on hotness. While smart can be sexy (which is what gives me a shot), I seriously doubt when a guy meets a woman with large breasts, his first thought is "she must have a really great personality".

Women, on the other hand, tend to value power. It is my contention that Jewish girls, for example, who visit Israel would find the ugliest guy irresistable if he was wearing an IDF uniform.

Tuesday, December 21, 2004

"Hot chicks" blogging.

Hat tip to reader Tiger who remembers as always that I am interested in discussions of gendered blogging.

I'm female. People who read me know that, because it's been a matter of debate - specifically because many of those who would guess would consider me a male if they didn't think about it.

The current discussion is in Dean's World and OxBlog, where discussions are had abot gender gaps in blogging.

Both posts are definitely worth reading, stemming from the initial question of "WHY DON'T HOT CHICKS BLOG?"

Many good answers are offered, some which are more true and some which are less so. One thing I notice is that my blogging is specifically because I have things that I want to say that the world doesn't want to hear from me (because aggressive women aren't cool, because pro-Americans aren't cool, because whatever...) and the anonymity of the blogosphere makes it possible for me to say what I say without being shunned or ignored or mocked.

I of course find the use of the expression "hot chicks" to be quite revealing. I will call myself a chick because I think it's useful for modern feminists to reclaim the word.

But if the various gentlemen concerned about a dearth of female political bloggers stopped typecasting women by their degress of hotness, perhaps it would go a long way to making women, and more importantly young girls, think that their ideas and opinions are as important as their cup size.

Just a thought.

Monday, December 20, 2004

The Best of Us

The BOMS (Best of Me Symphony) is up as usual.

Sadly, it includes a post I wrote two months ago about York not being safe and the admin being lax on security. I say sad, because it's been two months and I don't think we're any safer.

Worth reading: Mad Anthony.

Sunday, December 19, 2004

Calling Alliance peeps: Evil Glenn needs a new quote

With the recent defeat of PNP in the recent York election, Evil Glenn's quote:
"Vote PNP - Punditry not Politics - for YFS" is being to be a bit sad."

Evil Glenn is clearly depressed about the defeat of PNP and wants to change his quote. What should he change it to?

All entries to thetruthaboutyork[at] are acceptable. Puns and plays on the words PNP, Unity, One York, are all acceptable.

Winner shall receive an unspecified prize of dubious value. Entries should be received by Saturday, December 25. (Christmas to some, but not to me.)

(For more about the tyrannical career of Evil Glenn, visit the Alliance.)

At last! A comrade in arms!

There is at least one other ordinary York student out there with a brain in the blogosphere! Everybody, I'd like you all to meet MJB Pit Stop.

Then there was this one girl in my political science tutorial from the Carribean who was frustrated because she had to pledge allegiance to the queen during her citizenship ceremony because of the "evil historical actions of the monarchy towards Africans" I say, if she has such a big problem with it, why apply for citizenship in the first place?

Feeling your pain!

I can't claim the responsibility for finding MJB, though. MJB found me first.

Thursday, December 16, 2004

On whining (on Prancer, on Dancer, on Blitzen...)

The Tiger In Winter wrote in to comment on my trademark move, nominating whiners in my ongoing Anti-Whiner crusade.

Re whining:

Isn't the very essence of blogging whining of one sort or another?
Justified whining, I grant you, but whining nonetheless.

My $0.02. ;-)

I think whining depends on a lot of things. The kind I mock is the unjustified and/or excessive kind - like whining about your elected officials and not voting; whining about your elected officials and begrudging the public of the right to choose the wrong leader; whining too much, or too hard about something you could be acting construtively about.

I try not to whine. I snipe, I comment, and I express my thoughts. I don't blame other people for things that are my problem like most whiners do (Dan Freeman-Maloy, for example, broke York's rules flagrantly. SPHR shouldn't make public statements if they won't stand by their word.) I act very decisively in my personal life, but I have opinions and I express them. That's not whining. I specifically try not to whine, because it just gets really old really quickly.

And I don't try to tell anyone that my problems are their problems, like many of my whiners have done.

I don't think annoying whiny whining can be justified in the way ranting can, because there is a matter of tone and word choice. I didn't say "It's not fair PNP lost," I said "the students have spoken".

I'm not a whiner.

I'm many things, but I'm not a whiner.


Alliance members deliver

Yesterday I noted that the Alliance was giving holiday presents to the terrorists. I put mine in, and here is Harvey's (he writes Bad Example). Some highlights:

A box of bullets clearly labeled "For Internal Use Only" and delivered from the rifles of happy Marines wearing Santa hats.
A crate of dreidels.
A 55-gallon drum of pickled pig's feet. MMMMM! Pork-o-licious!
Inflatable camels that explode upon penetration.
New tents. With big red bullseyes on top and GPS beacons in the tentpoles.

Similar ideas over at This blog is full of crap.


Everything in moderation

Some moderates have a group blog where they talk about stuff and bemoan the political divisions that have shattered America in two. Three cheers for dialogue and moderation.

Underrated blogs

I decided to go through the Ecosystem and check out cool blogs York students would like to read and only post those sad new blogs that have no links. The only caveat that it has to have been updated recently. No blogs that have done nothing since June.

So here goes:
There's this Student Money Tips blog...Nothing since October, but useful archives.
Dude, where's the beach is full of interesting stuff.
Minyan of it only if you already know what a minyan is.
No recent posts but still worth a mention: The Embedded conservative is a conservative working amidst a sea of liberals. Sound familiar?
Kind of liberal, but human rights should be universal, so let's hear it for Amendment Nine. I especially like them because one of their bloggers notes that there has been a "dramatic decline in free-thinking on university campuses".
And one funny one called Blue Damage.

I think that's enough altruism for one day.

Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Hanukkah presents for terrorists

The Alliance has posed the question: What should we get the terrorists for Christmas?

In light of the news about what is going on in Greece, I only can say that my Hanukkah present for the people of Greece, Israel, Palestine, Beslan and Iraq would be the freedom to ride a bus without fear of violence, if I could grant it.

My Hanukkah present to all the terrorists of the world is an idea I got from an old ex-boyfriend, who said that Israeli construction companies who need to wreck old buildings should just hire suicide bombers to blow themselves up at the demolition sites. Easy demolition, less suicide bombers: Two birds, one stone.

Good present, eh? It's employment!

Granted, he also said that I was domineering and controlling. (Jackass.) He wasn't wrong about that.

8 crazy nights: completed

So something about Hanukkah always gets me. Maybe it's the spirit of the holiday - the triumph of the weak over the strong, etc. Maybe it's eating greasy latkes cooked by my mom and watching the candles burn when it's warm inside and cold outside. Maybe it's family. Certainly not my favorite of the holidays, but one that leaves me feeling all warm and fuzzy inside.

Ultimate coolness: Hanukkah at the White House.

A joyous holiday season to all.

So overrated

Did I ever mention how much I love Right Wing Duck? Not personally - never met him. But really, he makes me laugh so much. I admire a humourous man with a healthy level of disdain. Here are my favorite two from his lengthy list of Most Overrated in 2004:

These awards, represented by a small pile of gold plated duck poop on a little pedestal, are given to those personalities that have stayed in the limelight for no logical reason.
Can anyone say "Dan Freeman-Maloy"?

John Kerry.
Sure he’s war hero. Just ask anybody who didn’t serve with him. Otherwise, the Democrats were looking for the ultimate Not Bush candidate. Memo to Democrats. There are 300 million Americans who are not Bush. You could have done much better. In fact, for 2008 you might consider a candidate who as actually done something in the last 30 years.

Amen. I'd vote Democrat if there was an adequate candidate!

And last but not least - the lifetime non-achievement award goes to…

The United Nations.
Dear Koffi, the Sudan is still slaughtering thousands of their own people. Make sure you write a strongly worded memo. BTW Mr. Annan, did your son leave any bribe money lying around? Tuesday is Bring Your Daughter to Work Day.
Amen. What the UN does to Sudan whilst persecuting Israel for defending its own people is shocking.

2004 Blog awards (not mine!)

Those of you devoted readers know that I sometimes do awards. This time, people who are entirely not me have done some awards, and I think that's cool.
So here are the results, which are "based on 366,187 votes cast in all categories over 10 days in early December 2004."
That's a lot of votes.

Categories included best overall blog, best liberal blog, best conservative blog, best humor blog (because Americans spell things funny), etc. Also, specialized International categories and Ecosystem based categories put small blogs vs. other small blogs and big blogs vs. other big blogs - kinda fairer that way.

Special props to small dead animals, whom I have never seen before, for winning best Canadian blog. To quote Jim Carrey at one of the Oscars ceremonies I watched a million years ago:

"It's an honour just to be nomi- Oh. God."

(Quite frankly, and this is a major admission - I doubt my blog, with its limited scope, would ever become super popular. How far I have gotten with my anti-whining rants has been overwhelming - I am shocked anyone outside of York would care about life as a Conservative on an uber-Marxist campus. Thanks to all those who've supported me. Sniff.)

Anyhow, I am glad to have discovered this happy new (to me) blog, which posts such useful things like Federal Budget Line Items:
Federal Gun Registry - $2 billion
Official Bilingualism - (another) $750 million
"Queen" Adrienne - $19 million
Sheila Copps "free" flags - $15.2 million

No wonder we have no money for health care.

Also, special second-place props to IMAO, for Frank's impressive finish in the humour category. I woulda voted Frank had I not been busy failing all my exams. (In case y'all didn't notice that I blogged twice daily in the summer and like twice monthly in the fall.)

Most amusingly, the 2004 Weblog Awards site itself has rocketed to #12 on the ecosystem - with almost 2000 links from everyone trying to get all their buddies to vote for them, and reporting on the outcome. (Hell, I just added seven.)

Congrats to all the winners - and to all the non-winners out there, remember, God loves little people too.

Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Whiner of the month posted by slowpoke of the month

F***ing exams; no time to blog.

Three nominees for whiner of the month:

Two I like very much; one less so. The truth is it's my blog so I shouldn't have to post anything at all that I don't want, but let's, for the sake of fairness, give all three a shot:

First, from "Mיlanie Argent"

I would like to nominate the whole Progress Not Politics team for being such sore loosers.

What was on their website the day after they all lost? 'You made your bed...hope you can lie in it?' Tell me that's not bitter and whiny!

Even better - they hold an emergency general meeting at the Novotel ?!

Why didn't they do this on York campus? What a waste of our students' money! Something tells me they are doing everthing they can to spend it all before the Unity ticket takes office in January. They approved $20,000 for a party for the outgoing YFS. This is nothing short of being whiny little babies who cannot get used to the fact they lost.

Now since I am a bitch, I will first mock the fact that Melanie can't spell "sore losers" correctly. Then I will pull a Norman Finklestein and post her email WITH her email address so anyone (especially spam bots) can find it on the world wide web.

Then I will say, what-ever! So they whined once. I specifically decided not to whine about their loss though it made me unhappy, and I think that while it seems that they too are unhappy for being smashed, it does not make them the whiniest whiners in whineronia.

And their comment, while snippy, is merely reflective of the truth. York asked for Unity and will get Unity. May I note that Unity exec Rabia Siddiqui was not half as polite after losing last year's election - she and her friends brought forward elections complaints from here to Timbuktu which were chiefly responsible for the two-month delay in ratifying last year's council.

One line on a website? Downright conciliatory.

Nice try Melanie, and forgive me for noting that YOU seem to be the teeniest bit cranky yourself. Ever heard of a sore winner?

I can't say I know anything about the money thing, but if it is true, forgive me for reminding you that this is what is called the spoils of power. It is always scandalous when a government uses money to their own benefit - but everyone does it. I expect Unity to do it too. After all, they promised to give themselves money in their election campaign.

Second, from "Mega Man":

How could it be anybody but Furat Al Yassin's friends? Apparently they were so worried about funding TBLGAY that Furat had to send them an email to reassure them that the 7 Muslims and & 7 Blacks on the slate were "conservative" when it came to sexual diversity. In other words, Furat suspected (for some reason) that Muslims and Blacks would be uncomfortable enough with the idea of homosexuality that they would allow that feeling to influence their YFS voting. Pretty disgusting if you ask me.

Hmmmm.....hard one. While I personally am for same-sex marriage, I would understand why someone with deeply held religious beliefs would be uncomfortable actively pushing for something they find immoral.


Truthfully, no. Sorry Mega, but the email was private (until Excalibur put it online and in the paper) so they were just talking among friends - decidedly less whiny then some of our more whiney whineroos, who whine in the media.

Third, (saving the best for last), Paul reminds me that SPHR (which Furat is head of) was so whiny that after they came out in support of the Jewish community, which was unfairly targeted by David Noble in his recent pamphlet, they quickly reversed course poorly.

As per Excal:

SPHR president Furat al Yassin commented, "we stand behind our commitment to combat all forms of racism, discrimination and misinformation ... and SPHR in no way endorses the views expressed [by Noble]".

But SPHR's position on the matter was amended before Thursday's free speech rally, when the group issued a statement which read that it "emphatically supports professor Noble and other like-minded, open-minded professors who ... elicit critical thought from students on campuses".

So now, they are just flip-flopping more than John Kerry. But it gets better:

Shadi Hajjara, SPHR's regional coordinator for Toronto, explained that the group's second statement was issued because it felt that the University administration distorted SPHR's position on Noble's material.

"Although we are not officially supporting the leaflet ... we don't believe it to be anti-Semitic and hold that [Noble] had every right to give it out," Hajjara says.

SPHR claims that their spokespeople were not furnished with a copy of the material they were asked to condemn.

Talk about whineration.

So there you have it - SPHR is Whiner of the month for November.

Stay tuned for the fun December - super-duper 2004 whiner of the year! (Coming shortly after the new year...)

Saturday, December 04, 2004

So many whiners, so little time

So who whined most this November?

Dan Freeman-Maloy?
One York?
York admin?
Leftist protesters?

This is an open call for nominations for November whiner of the month.
Due: Wednesday night, Dec. 8

Happy exams, everybody!!!

Thursday, December 02, 2004

Democracy sometimes sucks

York students have spoken. I won't whine; they got what they want.

Democracy might be annoying, but it is better than the alternative.