Friday, November 12, 2004

Unity stinks

So here are my first thoughts on Unity, who have covered York with icky yellow posters. (For the "fair and balanced" crowd, I have no intention of sparing the other candidates and slates from the scathing criticism they deserve.)

The plan is ridiculous:

"Our Platform:
� Build upon the tuition fee freeze victory and advocate for reduced tuition fees

This will never happen as long as they still intend to actually pay our professors and the school's electricity bill. News flash, whiners:
Education costs money. Lots of it.

Where do you want the province to take the money from?
The public schools?
CAT scans and MRIs?

� Restore funding to services and increase clubs funding

Define "service" - your special interest group? Why does your group (let's face it, half this slate are YUBSA members) think that you guys deserve so much more money than any other club?

� Save student money by increasing available student discounts.

Could you be more vague? We already have the ISIC card. We already have the metropass discount which no one uses anyways.

� Work for affordable and more available transit and parking.

This makes me laugh. Parking is a cash cow and no amount of lobbying will change that; as for transit - if York admin making hundreds of thousands a year can't get us a subway, what makes you think a bunch of student government lightweights

� Increase YFS academic and financial assistance for students.

K, fine, you'll add three bursaries which you'll give to your buddies.
And we already have the past exam service.

� Increase student safety on campus.

More platitudes. It will cost a whole ton of money to adequately supply security to this campus; where do you expect the money will come from? Tuition increases? I thought you didn't like tuition increases?

� Unite York Students by working with the college councils and with students from across the country through the Canadian Federation of Students.

College councils - if you think those are relevant, that's nice. Why do we need college councils, though, if York is U exists?

If you like anarchy, CFS is good too.
I personally think that we should be distancing ourselves from such radical extremists as the CFS.

� Restore diversity and inclusivity to the YFS."

I hope that's not code for "kick the Zionists out".

Anyhow, I think they're pretty diverse. Certianly not the SPHR/OPIRG/YUBSA coalition formed by exec. candidates Siddiqui, Freedman and Mason.

If York students are stupid enough to vote for these guys, they deserve the lack of representation all but a few will get.


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