Sunday, November 21, 2004

One DUMB York

The One York slate, also known as the all-white-male slate, proves to be silly. Not dangerous or politically malevolent like Unity, just silly. The slate is made up of Joshua Geno, Brett Cockburn and Johnathon Spink, whose sole crowning acheivement is how attractive they are.

In Excal this week, they wrote this statement, which I will now pick apart and mock simply because I can:

The hairpin of this YFS election is the answer to the question “what is the general student interest, and how is it to be determined?”
PNP, in last year’s election, made it clear that the general student interest would be determined by the will of the electorate, and their policies during their past term have reflected so.

That is GOOD. Will of the electorate = Good. You trying to tell me what I should think = BAD.

On the other hand, Unity displays that the general student interest is defined by the balance of power that underpins the relationships between a few clubs and services in the Student Centre.

Yes. They are elitist radical leftists who want three groups to control the entire school and all its money.

Although both PNP and Unity propose two ultimately separate agendas existing on two different sides of the political spectrum, both chose this election to run full campaign teams focused on gaining TOTAL CONTROL of York University’s undergraduate central government.
Whereas Brett Cockburn, Johnathon Spink and I have not!

So they want us to elect them knowing that they won't have the political power to do anything?

Our plans seek to open the arms of York’s central student government to the entire University by means of an integrative process separate from an ideological disposition.

York is a commuter school. The "entire University" doesn't give much of a shit about anything.

Firstly, we will empower York’s security team with “special constable status” that would enable their staff to protect York students, while not providing them with the power to usurp the students’ ability to protest. Secondly, we will establish a “real” university experience, by creating five (ex-officio) social programming positions within the YFS to coordinate solid events with the entire York Community.

“Special constable status” costs money. Where is the money going to come from?
And as for socials, can't the colleges and York Is U be left to do what they already do well?

The student body has had its central student government annexed by the interests of others. The YFS should not have commanding control; instead, the general student interest should always be determined by means of a referendum.

Referendums are pointless since no one votes anyways.

A group of 20 student politicians should not be deciding which organizations are funded “services” of the YFS, or whether the YFS should be a part of some larger, nationally based student union. A vote for our team would be a vote to empower yourselves, not the organizations who merely “claim” to represent you.

I feel plenty represented and empowered, thank you.

Thank you, and please visit our web site at

Just in case anyone wants to scope out the SWMs (sexy white males). Other than hotness, and their desire to spend everyone's money on parties, there is nothing really serious about them.


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