Saturday, November 27, 2004

Linked at PNP

Talk about rsponsive government - PNP linked to me!

Thursday, November 25, 2004

Whining Unity drives me to PNP

Stupid Unity chick Rabia Siddiqui opposes the dental plan. What the hell?

Unity candidate Rabia Siddiqui has been outspoken in her opposition of the plan, calling it “second-rate”. She claims that students at other universities typically get coverage for 75-85 per cent of their dental work, while York students only get 50 per cent.

I can tell she is not a math major, because 50% is greater than 0%, which is what I was getting two weeks ago at my dentist.

Anyhow, it takes little guessing to say that in general, I voted Progress Not Politics, if only because they have minimized the whining way more than the other slates who think that yelling about tuition and student debt is a platform.


Over the last year we have implemented a new, free dental plan, doubled funding for clubs, launched a new web site at with access to past exam downloads and more, extended the MetroPass discount, refunded part of your levy, reduced health premiums while increasing benefits, cooperated with York to get results on security, cut executive salaries so that more of your money is spent on student issues, and much more.

I think that's fine. I don't give a shit about much at York - I'm not a politician, I don't spend lots of time on campus, I'm not looking for much more than the basics. Cash back. A metropass. Cheaper dental. These are good things.

My only reservations?

Our team is a combination of experienced veterans and fresh faces. Daniel Cooper has been YFS councillor and presidential commissioner, chairing the Refund Initiative and working on the dental plan. Joseph Lavoie, likewise, has been involved with the YFS as Glendon College councillor. And Sophia Hyginus will bring a new voice to the table, adding to the depth of diversity of our team.

Whatever. I don't know who these people are. The only one I have really heard of (aside from Excal's report card the other week) is Paul Cooper. I'd vote for Paul Cooper again. He's quite the stud.

Plus, uber-whiner Dan Freeman-Maloy endorsed Unity. If I am ever unsure in life of what to do politically, I always think...what would Dan Freeman-Maloy do?

And then I do the opposite.

I belong at Harvard

HARVARD! Yes, this well-known institution is
filled with spoiled rich brats pretending to
have a social conscience and brains -- just
like you! Don't let your school make you
arrogant; just remember, if your daddy didn't
buy a new research lab, you wouldn't have been
"intelligent" enough to make it in.

Which Ivy League Institution Are You?
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Sunday, November 21, 2004

One DUMB York

The One York slate, also known as the all-white-male slate, proves to be silly. Not dangerous or politically malevolent like Unity, just silly. The slate is made up of Joshua Geno, Brett Cockburn and Johnathon Spink, whose sole crowning acheivement is how attractive they are.

In Excal this week, they wrote this statement, which I will now pick apart and mock simply because I can:

The hairpin of this YFS election is the answer to the question “what is the general student interest, and how is it to be determined?”
PNP, in last year’s election, made it clear that the general student interest would be determined by the will of the electorate, and their policies during their past term have reflected so.

That is GOOD. Will of the electorate = Good. You trying to tell me what I should think = BAD.

On the other hand, Unity displays that the general student interest is defined by the balance of power that underpins the relationships between a few clubs and services in the Student Centre.

Yes. They are elitist radical leftists who want three groups to control the entire school and all its money.

Although both PNP and Unity propose two ultimately separate agendas existing on two different sides of the political spectrum, both chose this election to run full campaign teams focused on gaining TOTAL CONTROL of York University’s undergraduate central government.
Whereas Brett Cockburn, Johnathon Spink and I have not!

So they want us to elect them knowing that they won't have the political power to do anything?

Our plans seek to open the arms of York’s central student government to the entire University by means of an integrative process separate from an ideological disposition.

York is a commuter school. The "entire University" doesn't give much of a shit about anything.

Firstly, we will empower York’s security team with “special constable status” that would enable their staff to protect York students, while not providing them with the power to usurp the students’ ability to protest. Secondly, we will establish a “real” university experience, by creating five (ex-officio) social programming positions within the YFS to coordinate solid events with the entire York Community.

“Special constable status” costs money. Where is the money going to come from?
And as for socials, can't the colleges and York Is U be left to do what they already do well?

The student body has had its central student government annexed by the interests of others. The YFS should not have commanding control; instead, the general student interest should always be determined by means of a referendum.

Referendums are pointless since no one votes anyways.

A group of 20 student politicians should not be deciding which organizations are funded “services” of the YFS, or whether the YFS should be a part of some larger, nationally based student union. A vote for our team would be a vote to empower yourselves, not the organizations who merely “claim” to represent you.

I feel plenty represented and empowered, thank you.

Thank you, and please visit our web site at

Just in case anyone wants to scope out the SWMs (sexy white males). Other than hotness, and their desire to spend everyone's money on parties, there is nothing really serious about them.

Don’t come to Canada

Overheard by me on a recent visit to a university campus in the States:

"If Bush wins, I'm moving to Canada."

Stupid Liberals.

Apparently, the day after the election, thousands of American liberals flooded the Immigration Canada web site. They may hate Bush, but enough to handle snowstorms and high taxes, not to mention our country's decided lack of Victoria's Secret stores?

And it takes 2-3 years to get approved to immigrate. As far as we all know, 2008 will be Hillary's. A waste of time indeed.

Domina from Pro Libertate notes that this is silly.
This is just like the 6 year old who takes his marbles and goes home because he is losing. Face it Americans, you don't belong here.


Sunday, November 14, 2004

Jealousy personified

Right thinking girl meets the President.
This picture comes from We're not sorry, a site by the 59 million Americans who are glad they voted for George W. Bush. They have more than one thing in common with me - we all hate whiners. I don't know and can't find out who precisely uploaded this picture, but to them, I say - thank you.

P.S. - I'm not sorry either.

Friday, November 12, 2004

Unity stinks

So here are my first thoughts on Unity, who have covered York with icky yellow posters. (For the "fair and balanced" crowd, I have no intention of sparing the other candidates and slates from the scathing criticism they deserve.)

The plan is ridiculous:

"Our Platform:
� Build upon the tuition fee freeze victory and advocate for reduced tuition fees

This will never happen as long as they still intend to actually pay our professors and the school's electricity bill. News flash, whiners:
Education costs money. Lots of it.

Where do you want the province to take the money from?
The public schools?
CAT scans and MRIs?

� Restore funding to services and increase clubs funding

Define "service" - your special interest group? Why does your group (let's face it, half this slate are YUBSA members) think that you guys deserve so much more money than any other club?

� Save student money by increasing available student discounts.

Could you be more vague? We already have the ISIC card. We already have the metropass discount which no one uses anyways.

� Work for affordable and more available transit and parking.

This makes me laugh. Parking is a cash cow and no amount of lobbying will change that; as for transit - if York admin making hundreds of thousands a year can't get us a subway, what makes you think a bunch of student government lightweights

� Increase YFS academic and financial assistance for students.

K, fine, you'll add three bursaries which you'll give to your buddies.
And we already have the past exam service.

� Increase student safety on campus.

More platitudes. It will cost a whole ton of money to adequately supply security to this campus; where do you expect the money will come from? Tuition increases? I thought you didn't like tuition increases?

� Unite York Students by working with the college councils and with students from across the country through the Canadian Federation of Students.

College councils - if you think those are relevant, that's nice. Why do we need college councils, though, if York is U exists?

If you like anarchy, CFS is good too.
I personally think that we should be distancing ourselves from such radical extremists as the CFS.

� Restore diversity and inclusivity to the YFS."

I hope that's not code for "kick the Zionists out".

Anyhow, I think they're pretty diverse. Certianly not the SPHR/OPIRG/YUBSA coalition formed by exec. candidates Siddiqui, Freedman and Mason.

If York students are stupid enough to vote for these guys, they deserve the lack of representation all but a few will get.

Sunday, November 07, 2004

Michael Moore is a sellout

This New Brunswick student is upset by the way that Michael Moore is seeking to extensively profit his work:
"I don't want to carry on with factual inaccuracies in Moores films and books. This is partially because I support his cause and also because I'm not sure I believe his critics, many of whom seem to be half-illiterate bloggers. I urge Moore to make himself more available as a resource for people seeking the information he has. Rather than charging for it, someone truly passionate about his/her cause would make it available for free. I'm not anti-Michael Moore - I'm just sick of him. "

This half-illiterate blogger (who probably gets better grades than the author of this post) will take criticism of Michael Moore anywhere she can get it.

The Race is on

Here are the two websites for the slates. There is unity and Progress not Politics.

I hear nothing from the independents. Campus is papered with posters, though.

I have decided to research and rank (and probably mock, because who are we kidding....) all the candidates in the coming weeks. Because who really tells the truth during a campaign?

This is an election - so nobody but me.

And that's the truth about York.

Thursday, November 04, 2004

Sanity at Simon Fraser - at last

Anti-Americanism at SFU:

For arrogant Canadian nationalists to continue to assert that their nation alone holds a monopoly on peace, tolerance, compassion, and diversity is not only profoundly ignorant of Canada's own troubled history and contemporary social problems, it is also extremely jingoistic and xenophobic.


Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Four more...what?

Just as we had our own Florida recount last January, so too we're heading back to the polls to give PNP.......




Kind of anticlimactic. Look to TTAY to bring you the scoop on all your candidates in the coming weeks.

Whiner of the month for October and related news.

October's whiner of the month is OPIRG.

Their crime? Fear of democracy.

In 1992, a group of people who are no longer at York, in their infinite wisdom, approved a referendum to give $3 each a year to OPIRG York.

And they speak for me how?

So YFS is doing a referendum to see if students still want to pay this levy. It seems nothing short of fair to reevaluate.

The referendum to terminate the OPIRG levy was done on the grounds that it is inappropriate for all students to be forced to fund a political organization that Cooper calls “extremely divisive”.

“There are over 220 student clubs that are desperate for money,” Kan added. “OPIRG receives a lot more money than all other clubs and services combined.”

Mary Best, OPIRG co-ordinator, disputed these statements.

“They really don’t know what OPIRG is or what it does,” she told council, adding that “controversy is going to happen, no one is going to agree on everything.”

She noted that it is a refundable levy and students can apply to get their contribution back.

“If you disagree, opt-out,” she said.

Glendon councillor Chris Mahon disagreed.

“It should be opt-in rather than opt-out,” he said.

Best was also upset that student money being paid into YFS would be used to promote the referendum.

Cooper also noted that the OPIRG levy was passed in 1992, and that the students who voted to create it are no longer the students on campus.

“We’re not even saying get rid of OPIRG [immediately], I’m saying let’s give the students the chance to decide,” he said.


Even IF the referendum passes, it might not make quorum (no one at York cares. I admit it, sometimes in the past I have forgotten to vote.)

What is the harm in letting people choose?

So OPIRG - y'all are whiners of the month.

Later, Excalibur's managing editor Chris Jai Centeno wrote this editorial criticizing YFS and fearmongering.

The YFS is singling out OPIRG because they are partially helping TBLGAY (Trans Bisexual Lesbian Gay at York) after the YFS terminated their service status.

No, they are singling them out because they are radical leftists who take our money and then criticize the university for not lowering tuition while campaigning with CUPE for the university to increase people's pay. And the money comes from where?


And now for something completely different....

Four words democrats:

The people have spoken.