Saturday, October 16, 2004

The Whiny Whiner of Whinerovitch

Dan the megaphone man is back....and he wants $850,000 because he is so special.

He is suing York for the tuition of 170 people as compensation because they sent him packing for three months.

In this article from The Globe and Mail: "'I'd like to see a situation where people very vigorously defend their right to use campuses as a space to organize independent political action,' Mr. Freeman-Maloy said in an interview after launching his $850,000 court claim."

There are no more words for how much he is an ass. Do you know how many books in the library $850,000 could buy?

Oh, and I'd like to very vigorously defend my right to sit in a class taking a test without you yelling some shit on a megaphone.

And that's the truth about york.....


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