Sunday, October 10, 2004

Whiner of the Month for September

So I wrote about this already, but it was clear that the biggest whining this month (almost reaching Dan Freeman-Maloy proportions) was that of YUBSA and TBLGAY, the York groups who think they should get $11,000 and everyone else should get $100.

That's equitable, let me tell you.

Here is my original post and here are some choice Excal quotes:

“As a service, we do require a larger budget and priority over social groups,” he says.

This is a TBLGAY guy, Yehuda Fisher. So this means in his eyes, every oppressed or disadvantaged group who is not the TBLGAY is a "social group"?

Also, when the changes were made permanent, there was a whole hullaballoo about the YFS bylaws, which were rewritten, along the Progress not Politics ideal of making it so that student union money couldn't go fund terrorist organizations or things of that nature.

Of course, this led to whining.

“This document also makes it illegal for the York Federation of Students to provide any money to charitable organizations or any other NGOs off campus,” noted Orenstein. “I think that’s quite disgusting.”

How did the opposers channel their frustrations? Perhaps by pulling the fire alarm.

The bylaw vote was delayed by a fire alarm that went off in the Student Centre where the meeting was taking place. Many disgruntled councillors alleged that the fire alarm was a stall tactic by individuals who did not want to see the bylaws passed.

“Pulling the fire alarm before a crucial vote is nothing but immature and infantile,” adds Saperia.

York. A wacky, wacky place. No wonder none of us give a shit about anything. It almost seems pointless to care.


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