Sunday, October 24, 2004

Nice Jewish Boy

Those of you who read me a lot might think I am super-duper enamoured of Nice Jewish Boy bacause of this:

To sum up my point here, I am voting for the all American and Pro-Israel party, not just for GWB. If they put Mike Jackson on the ticket they would probably still get my vote. The democrats scare the heck out of me. While Bill Clinton seemed to be doing a good job for eight years his time is over. The Oslo accords are over. John Kerry is not Bill Clinton. If you vote for him him this time, then you may as well vote for Hillary next time. I know the race is close, and I know some people are trying to rub it in my face about how Kerry won the debate. He may have pandered well to the ill-informed voter last week, but the real debate was started four years ago when it was time to leave to liberal way of doing things and step into the reality that is America today. America is a strong capitalistic society that leads the world in doing what is right.

I actually am more impressed by this:

I support the Israel Defense Force with all my Jewish heart. Unlike the world would have you believe, the IDF is the most moral and righteous military force in the entire world, also the strongest and smartest. They are held to the highest standards and because of that I tip my hat and give them a big shout out in today's update.

Sigh. There are not enough nice Jewish boys running around Toronto.

I think he might be in a rival alliance, but I don't care.

Nice Jewish boys are hard to find.


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