Sunday, October 24, 2004

Modern day hate speech

Glad I don't go to Waterloo.

Even the CBC reported this big story: The president of the Canadian Islamic Congress told a talk-show host on live TV that all Israelis are targets:

"Mohamed Elmasry told various media outlets that Israelis above the age of 18, - civilian and those dressed in military uniform - are legitimate targets for Palestinian suicide bombers, because they've all served in the Israeli army."

This is sick.

However, it must be made clear that not all Muslims want to kill all Jews - Elmasry was there alongside another Canadian Muslim who was outraged: (I am printing the entire thing since the National Post website is subscriber-only.

Your editorial took Dr. Elmasry to task for what he said on the Michael Coren Show.

However, the Post should also be taken to task for omitting the fact that another Canadian Muslim on the same panel did in fact state his disagreement with Dr. Elmasry immediately after he made his statements. I was on the show. I disassociated myself from his comments. If taken at their plain meaning, they would be contrary to the teachings of Islam and the views of the vast majority of Canadian Muslims. Why didn't you also report this?

You can't demand that Muslims disassociate themselves from Mr. Elmasry's comments, while ignoring those who do.

Naseer Syed, Toronto.

Good going, Naseer Syed.

(Hat tip to the Tiger.)


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