Monday, October 18, 2004

Linkfest day two: I am Canadian

On the second day of my blogoversary, some nice Canadian places to hang out:

At, we make fun of idiot leftist Americans.

This lunacy is the brainchild of racist Claud Anderson, who claims "immigrants" (think Asians and Hispanics) are responsible for the plight of poor blacks in inner cities.

Some site redesign from Adam Daifallah, who says something that more people should listen to in this post:
"There are few things Americans hate more than being told what to do by people who aren't Americans. "

canadiancomment, with fun group blogging action, lists the CBC's ten greatest Canadians...kind of sad they're all men (though that is more a problem of society than the CBC):

Frederick Banting
Alexander Graham Bell
Don Cherry
Tommy Douglas
Terry Fox
Wayne Gretzky
Sir John A. Macdonald
Lester B. Pearson
David Suzuki
Pierre Elliott Trudeau

My old sparring buddy The Tiger in Winter writes about the little fact that democracy sometimes leads to stupid decisions by the people - democratic, but dumb.
"Perhaps the most interesting story of recent Canadian history is how quickly the social norms have changed. Toronto was a WASP city -- no Sunday shopping, various other restrictions on the Lord's day and so on. That persisted even through my childhood. No more. We do whatever we want on Sundays, in 2004.

Now, there is one sole holdout in Canada: Nova Scotia. They've just voted down Sunday shopping in a province-wide referendum.

That was perhaps the most annoying law I encountered in my time over there -- it seemed like it was always on Sunday that I ran out of food.

Old classmates, I feel your pain."

My first new blog of the day is OCCAM'S CARBUNCLE. I am suitably impressed that he is a conservative, but more so that in his post he makes a messianic reference:

And a little child shall lead them

This is the feel good story of the year for me. A 12 year old boy genius is charging $2 a head for non-striking civil servants to avoid PSAC picket lines by cutting through his back yard. He's already made a hundred bucks. It's enough to bring a tear to a glass eye. How long before some dusty municipal potentate devises a spirit-sucking by-law prohibiting such spontaneous expressions of free enterprise?"

Second new blog is Trudeaupia. This post makes me sure I'll be liking him....
"While I despise affirmative action when the government foists it upon us, I feel free to engage in it myself. So I'm always happy to add Hot! Sexy! Canadian! conservative! chicks to the blogroll. "

Add "aggressive" to the list, and I'd make his blogroll. (Not that I'm hinting or anything....)

And I'm spent......


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