Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Linkfest day three: Proud to be XX

Fun fact I discovered while being herded along like a heifer in the Vari-Ross link today by a throng of co-eds: Tuesday is the day most people are on York campus.

Maybe I'll stay home next Tuesday.

In other news, my gendered rant was picked up on the Best of Me Symphony.

This reminds me of an email from another Alliance member asking me why I don't join a well-endowed league called Bloggers With Boobies.

Dana explains:

It's not a cult; you won't be asked to vote in a bloc or wage war on the Bloggers With Pee-Pees or anything; it's just a badge of pride for all strong, self-assured female bloggers (like me) who refuse to be ashamed about their femininity. We're the anti-feminists.

That's awesome for Dana, but I won't be drawing people to my site based on my anatomy.

But while we're celebrating awesome women bloggers, may I recommend these wonderful ladies:

There's Susie at Practical Penumbra, who is, like me, tactless when it comes to politics.

Here's the thing--when John Kerry says he'll kill terrorists, I don't believe him. So I'm going to vote for President Bush--because I've been in favor of killing terrorists since Entebbe, and the President has killed a lot of terrorists in the past three years.

Any questions?

I've only just discovered Ravings of a Corporate Mommy. But she writes really long posts, and I don't usually read whole posts.

Of course, one of the first blogs I started reading was Being American in T.O.. Debbye blogs about stay-at-home moms, who do not get enough credit, especially from Teresa Heinz-Kerry.

Michelle Malkin is incredibly popular, but she's never been my style. I don't know why.

And last but not least, *The Patriette* is fabulous as always. Her blog looks really good, and the content rocks.


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