Sunday, October 10, 2004

I'm not safe on campus.

This is going to be a long one.

So I usually hate the crap Sean Palter writes, but this time, he is right on the money.

In a multiple part expose, those Excalibur people finally are earning their salaries.

In part one they expose something that everyone knows: York security does nothing and wouldn't prevent you from being attacked.

If you were being raped in Vari Hall and a security officer walked by, administrative policies dictate that there is absolutely nothing they could do to pull the rapist off of you.

“I can verbally tell him to stop,” says *Bill, a security officer for York University.

“That’s what I’m allowed to do.”

In part two, which is decidedly less juicy, we discover that the community security reports that no one ever read (who are we kidding this is York after all) are edited so York seems safer than it is.

“They’ll water it down to its most basic level so that they’re not lying but they’re not technically telling the whole story either,” says *Bill, a York security officer.


“If it did state that there was a stabbing, I’m not sure what the benefit to the community would be.”

I hate the admin.

Part three gets better: It turns out that if we were being attacked, security might do nothing because they wouldn't even find out because the patrol staff numbers are
shockingly low.

...four guards patrol the campus, with one dispatcher and one supervisor on duty each day.

However, Bill went on to allege that this year, if someone calls in sick, Security just runs short for that day.

When asked if someone is called in to fill that empty spot, Bill told us no.

“Not anymore,” he says, “we’re over budget for the year is what we’re being told, so there is no money for overtime. So we run short.”

Four? Give me a break. It's a big-ass campus!!

I can't wait for part four....


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