Sunday, October 10, 2004

Concordia: The one place crazier than York

My friend the Tiger in Halifax as well as a blog I only occasionally read, Mader Blog, are reminding me why I like York better than at least one place: Concordia.

Background: Word on the street is that Concordia has refused the request to have former prime minister of Israel Ehud Barak to speak there.

This is a choice quote from a speech given by prof Gil Troy in response:

I would love to see pro-Palestinian professors and students here and elsewhere standing up and saying: I disagree with Ehud Barak, but I will defend his right to speak; just as I say I disagree with Norman Finkelstein and literally dozens of other Israel- America- and Canada- bashers who have spoken here in these last two years. But I just don't defend their rights to speak, I welcome the opportunity to learn from them, to shake up my views.

I know that when rights of free speech and peaceable assembly become optional not mandatory, when they become contingent on liking those who wish to speak freely or assemble peaceably, we're sliding down that slippery slope to intellectual totalitarianism.



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