Monday, September 06, 2004


Who ever knew a news release could be satirical?

Those of you who've been reading a while know that I get intrigued by reader mail, and I certainly got one I didn't expect this week - from YFS president Paul Cooper himself.

While he says he likes my blog in general, he wrote ("I love the way you write"), he asked for a clarification on my August post, where I criticized his press release endorsing the Tories.

As requested, I am clarifying: His press release is merely recognizing the positive aspects of the Conservative platform on education, not an endorsement. He says it was meant satirically, and as a response to the CFS' Report Card on Education which was blatantly unrealistic.

And we all know my personal opinion of the CFS.

And a thought? Personal contact with elected officials is rare. I appreciate that my president took the effort to contact me personally, even though I'm not powerful or influential - I'm only one vote in January.

But you know what?

Come January, Cooper has my vote.


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