Sunday, September 26, 2004

Big club funding scandal

Let's say you are a particular ethnic club at York. You get $11,000 a year to run programs.

Then a new administration comes in, sees that there are hundreds of ethnic clubs only getting $100 a year, and cuts your funding to $4,000.

What do you do?

Call them racists.

Choice quote from my fan, Mr. President:

YFS president Paul Cooper says the goal is to create more equality. He says that last year $60,000 was allotted for 7 services and $12,000 for over 200 clubs. At the end of the year, the clubs budget was depleted, but the services budget had a lot left over.

The response from the clubs who lost their thousands has been crazy.

Take the editorial written in early September:

Our student government has long since ceased to be an effective organization for students, but these services still are, and they need your help.

As I write above, I pity all you new students because this is your government, and I feel the need to apologize to you, because it was us who elected them, it was our mistake that you’re paying for. Let us not make the same mistake twice.

Let me tell you something, Excalibur. I voted PNP once, and it was the best decision I ever made. I would do it again in a minute.

PS: Excalibur's website sucks. It's slow, and you can never find anything. And then when you try to blog something, it gets all f***ed up. Damn journalists.


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