Sunday, August 08, 2004

Warning: Aggressive Female On Rant

It appears that everyone on the Internet (or at least two people) think I'm a male blogger, perhaps due to my forcefulness and actually caring about politics. Jen at selfmadegirl refers to me as he, and The Tiger in Winter said it was because I have an aggressive tone to my blog.

This is ridiculous. If it is liberating for Britney Spears to walk around with her breasts hanging out all over the place, it can be equally (if not more) liberating for me to be me on this blog - not girly, not polite, not nice, not diplomatic, just me.

Anyhow, at a friend's Christmas party this year, a guy told me I was too 'intimidating', which was why I was still single.

I say, screw them all. Screw our culture's ridiculous patriarchal value system which wants me to believe that I should wear pink and get pedicures and keep my politics to myself. News flash: Pink, check. Pedicure, check. Politics: got em in spades.

So leave me alone. Because this is what a woman blogs like.


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