Saturday, August 28, 2004

Gold medals in the whining Olympics

OK, avid TTAY readers, we have a decision to make. Can someone receive the award for Whiner of the Month twice? Email thetruthaboutyork[at]yahoo[dot]ca to tell me why or why not.

Shortlisted for this month's Whiner of the Month:

1. Dan Freeman-Maloy for a whiny opinion piece.
Choice whine:

"Throughout this process, I’ve received crucial support from a variety of individuals and organizations concerned with campus democracy. Unions such as CUPE 3903, the Graduate Students Association (GSA), and the York University Faculty Association have been instrumental in forcing Marsden to back down. However, the York Federation of Students (YFS), my own undergraduate student union, has been significantly worse than useless."

The crime of YFS president Paul Cooper? Zionism.

2. Reka Szekely for a whiny opinion piece:

Choice whine:
Students have token seats on Boards of Governors and Senates, but have no real say in how their school develops. This is ridiculous since students often have a much better idea of their changing needs than administrators do.

Currently, when a school makes a significant change, they merely go through token consultation with students. If we’re going to accept the current corporate model of universities, let’s call it what it really is – test marketing.

Perhaps Szekely is editing from Fantasyland?

3. York admin/Gary Brewer for whiny quotes:

"The tickets that York University is issuing to students who mispark are now illegal," [councillor Howard Moscoe] says.

"This decision came as news to York this summer, says Gary Brewer, York�s vice-president of finance and administration. Until we actually read about it in the media, we had no idea that the City was in the process of amending by-laws," he says."

A city bylaw making it illegal for the uni. to issue parking tickets is going to cost York a million bucks. No wonder Brewer is whining.

4. TBLGAY's Yehuda Fisher for whiny quotes:

Background: The YFS is taking the $60,000 that services got and dividing among all special interest groups, not just seven. The ones who used to get $11,000 of student money a week are now all cranky.

Choice whine:

Cooper says services should serve all York students and as a result YUBSA, TBLGAY and ASA will become clubs.

“There’s nothing that distinguishes them from the Muslim Student’s Association, the Italian Student’s Association or and other culture based service we’re trying to promote,” he says.

“I agree that if the YFS could give every oppressed group that much money to work with (we would), but we can’t.”

However, Fisher disagrees.

“As a service, we do require a larger budget and priority over social groups,” he says.

“This is an unfortunate step by the administration,” says Fisher. “These cutbacks will definitely make it a lot harder for us to provide essential services to students in regards to resources, education, outreach and visibility. This cutback will also deplete the quality of training and the number of staff we have on board as well.”

Votes can be sent to thetruthaboutyork[at]yahoo[dot]com until September 1. Anyone can vote! (You are all citizens of the blogosphere.)

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