Sunday, July 18, 2004

Whiners alert: Hearing tomorrow? Or lack thereof?

Dan Freeman-Maloy's suspension is getting complicated. Tomorrow, a hearing is being held where President Marsden's lawyers will argue that York should be able to hold their own hearing, and that the courts should butt out. (Otherwise, a hearing was going to be on August 12 where Dan's lawyers were going to argue that York sucks and should not have kicked out Dan.)

I am a bit torn, and have been for a while. It is clear to me that Dan broke the rules. (I personally saw him use a megaphone once when he should not have been doing so.) It is clear to me that when I am trying to take a test, and he is trying to use a megaphone, he is both breaking the rules, and negatively affecting my education. It is clear that I want him gone. But he deserves to have the whole thing done properly.

I hate that he and his cronies are trying to make this into a free-speech issue. This is NOT about free speech. No one is saying Dan cannot speak. We are saying he should not scream while other people are trying to take a test.

Of course, I'm not going tomorrow, but it would be funny to see what happens.

In the meanwhile, April's whiner of the month Shamini Selvaratnam is busy, whining as usual. Her latest was forwarded to me via a whole bunch of people, and thus I present an example of why people at York (especially Shamini) are dumb:

So a contest. Props to the person who can find the most spelling and grammar mistakes in this letter. Super bonus points for factual errors. There are several of both. Email to thetruthaboutyork[at]

I amuse myself tremendously.

Update: Hmmm, I forgot to post a deadline. How is Saturday night the 24th? All entries must be done by then.


*Forward Widely*

***Dangerous Precedent being set by York U – Students right to political
organizing under attack***

York University student Daniel Freeman Maloy was expelled for 3 years
without appeal by Lorna Marsden – President and Vice Chancellor of York
University – on a unilateral move. Since then the University’s Senate has
passes a motion asking for the expelled student’s reinstatement yet nothing
was done.

The university has sited three additional incidences to show that
Freeman-Maloy breeched the student code of conduct. What is alarming is that
their list also included political organizing outside of the York University

It is preposterous for the university to think that a student can punished
academically for their life outside of campus. With the recent trend of
increasing administrative interference with students’ right to organize,
York’s move if left uncontested would set a dangerous precedent for other
institutions to clamp down on our student unions, and our right to
effectively participate in political organizing.

This case is now in front of the courts. If you are in-town (I know most of
you are in Torotno) on Monday JULY 19, 2004 show your support and solidarity
by coming down to the court house and listening to the hearing.

Monday, July 19
Divisional Court.
Osgoode Hall, (NE corner of Queen and University; if TTCing you can get off
at the Osgoode subway stop).

For more details about the case please read the attachment from the York
Free Speech committee.

In Friendship & Solidarity,
Shamini Selvaratnam

York University Senate

National Women's Representative
Canadian Federation of Students


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