Wednesday, July 21, 2004

Reason #654 to love York

Ha! Osgoode is clearly better than UPenn. Little Green Footballs reports that a university class will be creating the criminal code for the Maldives, in which, "as a matter of law, all citizens are Muslim". The law code, will of course be based on Sharia law.

Why York is better?

The 1965 York University Act, which, when passed, made York a university, states:
"15. No religious test shall be required of any professor, lecturer, teacher, officer, employee or student of the University, nor shall any religious observances according to the regulations of any particular denomination or sect be imposed upon them."

I have a new slogan for us:

York: Where it isn't ok to stone people for keeping the wrong religion.

Far, far better than "redefine the possible".


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