Monday, July 12, 2004

No I don't hate corporate America!

York University students like to whine about the fact that Pepsi has an exclusive deal with York so that all the cold drinks sold on campus (except at Wendy's!) are from Pepsi's family of beverages.

I'd like to ask, why complain?

My chief problem with the "tuition reduction" movement on campus is that they expect something for nothing. People want free or lower tuition. They ALSO want good professors, libraries full of books and small class sizes.

Some days I think these people would rather attend FantasyLand University. The money has to come from somewhere. In their minds, it appears that "somewhere" is "anyone other than me."

FACT: In 1998, York University signed an exclusive beverage deal with Pepsi. They get a captive audience, and we get:

• $120,000 per year to the York Federation of Students, the Graduate Student Association and the Student Centre Corporation.
• $125,000 per year to Sport and Recreation York.
• $125,000 per year to Fine Arts/Cultural programming.
• $105,000 per year to undergraduate non-Faculty college student councils.
• $25,000 per year to the Glendon College Student Union.
• $250,000 per year to complete the York Stadium

(this is verbatim from the above website.)

So while the "campus activists" complain all day about how Pepsi is evil, (while many of them are from the organizations getting the money), and we are getting the benefits of all the above perks.

That means the soccer team gets to go on tournaments (I assume we have a soccer team. I don't know for sure. But the point stands. Our athletic teams are under-funded.)
That means the GSA gets to campaign for more full-time profs.
That means the colleges run orientations that are fun.
That means Pepsi is paying for campus life.

Seems like a small price to pay. Something for nothing does not exist. SOMEONE has to pay for orientation. Pepsi is willing to. Seems to me we all win.

Someone once complained to me that the Pepsi vending machines say "Thank you for choosing Pepsi". This person was upset, because they felt that we have no choice. Pepsi is not a choice.

I, being impolite, laughed in this person's face.

Of COURSE we have a choice! Pepsi does not force us to vend. York does not require us to purchase Pepsi or else we don't graduate.

You don't like it, walk to Wendy's. Bring a soda from home. Buy coffee. You can always opt-out. But don't suggest that because YOU prefer Coke, no one can have orientation money from Pepsi. Because that is selfish.

And that's the truth about York.


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