Friday, July 23, 2004

Linkfest day two: Ten new blogs....

Today, I decided to surf off my blogroll to ten new blogs I'd never been to before.

Started by visiting one of the Alliance blogs, called dramaqueen. Anyhow, she recently tells a story about her family in four parts, so here is part one: the Hanged Man, part two: Strength and The Tower, part three: Temperance and the Ten of Swords, and part four: two words. This is kinda a girly and weepy story, but I really like the blog nonetheless, and will definitely be coming back.

Stop two I got to from dramaqueen, I clicked over here despite how girly this linkfest is getting, (and it only just started...) and I am glad I did. Found a Bridget Jones-esque blog entitled The Mommy Blog, and it is a bit fun. She blogs about the hassles of life, her family, and all manner of funny things. Plus, cool to meet bloggers who like to drink.

Then I floated over to a blog entitled Here be hippogriffs, since I thought a Harry Potter blog would be interesting. Of course, it's another mommy blog, so posts about her pregnancy, and of course, food, as every pregnant woman should...and of course her cat.

Good blog, but #4 really needs to be a male blogger.....

Well, blog #4, self-indulgent ramblings, is by a mom, but she blogs about her husband and sons, and it can't be too girly....she blogs about Thomas the Tank Engine.

Fortunately, blogger #4 links to a German dad whose blog, Raising Chooks, mentions more European cities on one page than an atlas. Mentions Slytherin. What pop culture Harry has become.

Of course, the weirdness of the world took me to another blog, TooDangers World, which I am sure is lovely but I can't know for certain, since it's German. Hopefully, I'll be able to read blog #7.

So I ended up next on | up your workplace, a site which has picture of, and comments about, people's work stations. Apprently, blogger #6 can indeed speak English, since he posted a picture of his room with the caption: "the place I live, drink, eat, sleep, cry, play, jerk off!"

And I thought we were getting too girly. My mistake.

Still, the fun site led me to a dead end, but I am only at six bloggers. Need four more. Off to, my favourite blog. Hartley blogs about Saddam Hussein before leading me to blogger #8, h s n d r a k e . c o m, a political blog not updated since March. Gordon is well written, though, and has good taste, pointing me to blogger #9,, a rower in Victoria. In recent posts, Scott tells us how he made the worlds and is now in Spain with Team Canada. How cool is it to be blogging from the Worlds in any sport?

Anyhow, the only thing Scott links to is The Globe and Mail, so I give up. Maybe my linkcrawl tomorrow will be more successful.

In the meantime, happy blogging.


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