Thursday, July 22, 2004

Linkfest day one!

I thought, since whiner of the month is so popular, some blogging awards.

Superb Post Awards:

Common sense award in music: Dude, What about the Kids?: I'll take Avril

The anti-elitist award: The Truth Laid Bear: Who Watches The Watchers?

The terrorism-is-not-okay award: Random Pensees: "Root Causes"

The righteous indignation award: Being American in T.O.: 5 Years for Adscam answers

The soul-searching award: Fringe: These Five Things

Best bovine reprint: : : : W e t w i r e d . o r g : : : Government and corporations with cows

Political polemicizing award: Right Wing News: 40 Reasons To Vote For George Bush Or Against John Kerry

Overall blog quality awards:

Student journalism blog award: Gateway staff unofficial blog

Mainstream journalism blog award: National Post

The Ayn Rand award: Fuki Blog

The make-me-laugh-till-milk-comes-out-my-nose award: Right Wing Duck and IMAO

The blog I can't go two hours without checking:

More scandal, shenanigans and fun all this week at The Truth About York!


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