Sunday, July 25, 2004

Linkfest day four....let's get googly.

Something a bit different, here are ten York students who are interesting to Google:

1. In addition to being our York Federation of Students president, Paul Cooper is apparently a composer, screenwriter, artist and garden designer.

It must suck to have a common name.

2. A search for Freeman-Maloy lists about 800 websites that discuss our current star student. I didn't put in his first name because in some places it's Dan while in others it's Daniel. Best of all, my blog is one of the sites you find.

3. Similarly, a Shamini Selvaratnam search links to me - and I'm the second link! Ha.

4. Who knew that in New York state, there was a rabbi named Yaakov Roth?

5. The top ten results for Pablo Vivanco are primarily not in English, but one does link to a NOW magazine story from this year about the YFS election mess.

6. Was Jeremy Greenberg on the Brandeis debate team? Does anyone even know where Brandeis is?

7. CASA's Randy Orenstein has his eleventh birthday online. Man, frosh are getting young these days.

8. Susan Gapka does not have a common name, it appears. She is quoted a whole lot, with 176 listings. Hey, that's more than the votes she got in most recent elections.

9. Michelle Steele appears to be a security officer at UVic.

10. And as could be imagined, there are about a zillion lawyers named Michael Ferman.

All in a day's work!


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