Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Linkfest, day 6......

Blogging is a procrastinator's dream come true.

So while there are a dozen other things I should be doing, tonight I present seven fun non-political Alliance blogs that I found today.

1. You have to give props for a catchy title to Chase me ladies, I'm in the cavalry.

Blog topics: Odd pick-up lines, and other things having to do with women.

He's an English teacher overseas, which makes for some interesting posting.

2. Primarily non-political blogging at Ripe Bananas. She's a Fly Biologist grad student who calls herself Fly Killa.

Like all female bloggers, she blogs about her pregnancy (hey can you blame her?).

Best part: She is a scientist, and spends an entire post talking in big words I don't understand about brain processes....and then explains it using Clint Eastwood. Hard core.

3. Fun Canadian blog called The Secret Life of Shoes is about things like shoes, Finding Nemo, Starbucks, and fun headlines.

4. If you like 70's Music, 80's Music, and Christian Recommended reading...., Writing To Understand is the blog for you.

5. If you thought only people could blog, you were wrong. Just read Hoppings of Roxette Bunny.

6. If you like monkeys, visit the Frank J. Fan Club.

7. Finally, a blogger younger than me. The Unmundane :.or.: the Anti-Hamster League is written by a fascinating teenager who blogs about normal things, and of course, the futility of homework.

PS: Why seven? Why not seven? Indeed.


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