Saturday, July 24, 2004

Linkfest day 3....only 24 minutes left

24 minutes left to today's linkfest (I suddenly understand the pressures of a daily blogger)..... and I remember that I need to post some links to celebrate the number of random strangers reading the silly things I write. So here: more silly things.
Today, ten university student blogs I find interesting:

1. Out in Saskatchewan, grrrl meets world is most entertaining, posting links to the same funny political cartoon I linked to the other day, as well as online karaoke which my fucked-up computer can't play, etc. etc. I enjoy reading her blog, but let's just say she's not as sympathetic to the GOP as some previous blogs I've read.

2. Fifteen minutes to go, I'm too slow! Some funny Newspaper bloggers, click on the list of "contributors" for more funny blogs, or just go to the website of the newspaper they write for on their day jobs.

3. Eight left. Shit. UWaterloo does blog hosting on its website (what a cool school), their current blogs include Dalton, Jeanine and Karim. Though these people seem like the squeaky-clean, we-love-our-university types, I think it is an awesome program, and would ROCK if York provided this service so we could have a York student blogosphere.

Of course, then I'd have to identify myself.

4. Three minutes left, and I've found The Tiger in Winter, a blog by a law student in Halifax. I've actually heard Dal is good, got a friend heading there in the fall myself. Just to rebalance, this guy reads Mark Steyn, and is dubbed an evil genius by the same internet quiz that called Fuki Blog the Ayn Rand ideal, and me a dictator. Hee hee.

(Silly follow up to linkfest #1 - Fuki's S. Michael Moore - what an unfortunate name - enjoyed the award. But not as much as I enjoyed bestowing it.)

5. Technically, I am now six minutes into Day 4, but I don't care, because blogger lets me go back in and change the date of the post. MWAHAHAHAHA!

Anyhow, for a twist, I stumbled upon Christina In Bristol, a Canadian girl studying in England. Links to funny things, including an article about a book written entirely without verbs. Weird.

6. 12:15 on Sunday morning, and Launch is having the terrible taste to play me some Hanson. Talk about weapons of mass destruction.

academia nuts is teaching me the proper spelling of Nipissing University. Her profile is fascinating, and her sidebar includes a list of what she's reading. This is a long-running blog dating back to 2002. Most people haven't been blogging that long.

7. 12:19. I'd be burning daylight except it's night. hand|paper|lake is a blog by this guy Dan from Lakehead U., who is getting married soon, so he also has a wedding blog called stacey|dan|together. Awwwwwww.

8. It's 12:23 and I'm making a mental note, as I so often do, to go back and visit more of the blogs I stumble upon on a regular basis. So many blogs, so little time. Any blog with the title Never too much Whisky must be a university blog. This guy was the president of Acadia Students' Union this past year, so he has a whole section dedicated to that. Also blogs about CASA, a Canadian student union I like because they don't make foreign policy a priority. Yay for actually lobbying on student issues.

9. Almost done, which is good, because it's 12:29 and I am getting tired. selfmadegirl is from Calgary, and like blogger #8, she links to her student newspaper and also to The Political Compass (I've been there already, I'm Libertarian Right, in case you were unsure.) Also links to Vegan Porn. Also posts things of interest to Yorkies, since they mention UofC's election bylaws (memories anyone?)
She says, and I quote:

The model that seems most likely to pass (with a predicted first reading occurring next Tuesday) is the one that will ban the sharing of funds between candidates. Simply put, a candidate will no longer be able to have the name or picture of another candidate on their campaign material. If one belongs to a Slate, putting the slate name and logo on the material would still be legit, provided the name and logo are not the name and picture of another candidate.

I wonder if rules like this would ever have stopped things from blowing up the way they did at York this year. Still amazes me that the mainstream national media showed up to cover a student government election.

and finally....
10. Maybe I'm a geek, but I like that renaissance grrrl blogs what she's reading. Includes: The Princess Bride (yay!), The Da Vinci Code, The Red Tent, etc. etc.

And I'm spent.

(If you're reading here, and it says Saturday on top, snicker because you know it's really Sunday and I just turned back the clock. Hee hee.)


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