Sunday, July 25, 2004

And the winner is.....

First place to Yaakov Roth, who will get to pick July whiner of the month.
Honorable mention to Titus from SFU, who will get to pick some links for me to post in this week's linkfest.

For the original contest, click here.

Here is the corrected version with mistakes in italics and corrections to mistakes bolded. (Perhaps York should ensure that either its students can spell when they arrive, or teach them to spell once they get to York, so they don't make us all look like idiots, like Selvaratnam did.)

*Forward Widely*

***Dangerous Precedent being set by York U – Students Students' right to political organizing under attack***

York University student Daniel Freeman-Maloy was expelled suspended for 3 years without appeal by Lorna Marsden – President and Vice Chancellor of York University – on in a unilateral move. Since then the University’s Senate has passes passed a motion asking for the expelled student’s reinstatement yet nothing was done.

The university has sited cited three additional incidences incidents to show that Freeman-Maloy breeched breached the student code of conduct. What is alarming is that their list also included political organizing outside of the York University campus.

It is preposterous for the university to think that a student can be punished academically for their his or her life outside of campus. With the recent trend of increasing administrative interference with students’ right to organize, York’s move, if left uncontested, would set a dangerous precedent for other
institutions to clamp down on our student unions, and our right to
effectively participate in political organizing.

This case is now in front of the courts. If you are in-town in town(I know most of you are in Torotno Toronto) on Monday JULY 19, 2004, show your support and solidarity by coming down to the court house courthouse and listening to the hearing.

Monday, July 19
Divisional Court.
Osgoode Hall, (NE corner of Queen and University; if TTCing you can get off
at the Osgoode subway stop).

For more details about the case please read the attachment from the York
Free Speech committee.

In Friendship & Solidarity,
Shamini Selvaratnam

York University Senate

National Women's Representative
Canadian Federation of Students


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