Friday, July 30, 2004

Whiner of the month for July

As students celebrate the victory of Dan Freeman-Maloy, who was readmitted this month and won a major victory for dissenters everywhere, our contest winner Yaakov Roth picked York spokesperson Nancy White as whiner of the month for thinking that York actually came out on top in all of this.

"A spokesperson said the university believes the suspension sent a message that it takes student rules seriously.
"We think we've made our point, and people are now very well aware that the university is quite serious about following the code of conduct," said spokesperson Nancy White."

Writes Roth: "Sent a message?!? She's gotta be kidding!"


Same old, same old: Business considers government a "threat"

This is a bit old, but still worth reading:

The Globe and Mail: "When asked to identify the greatest threat to the future of business in Canada, 18 per cent of corporate leaders who responded said high taxes, another 18 per cent said government policies, 10 per cent cited government bureaucracy/interference while 4 per cent simply responded 'the government.'"

Astonishingly enough, the study was commissioned by York and the results of the study were presented at York.

Thursday, July 29, 2004

Tardy linkfest day 8......

This linkfest is late, due to there being a real me living in the real world.

So today, a linkfest about blogging.

S. Michael writes about the possibilities of making a living by blogging on Fuki Blog.

Simon of Showcase links to tons of tips, including Harvey's post on how to get more traffic.

And of course, my favourite Rightwing Duck asks the rheotrical question Why are you blogging?

So why am I blogging?

I guess I blog because I have something to say. I have opinions, I have ideas, and the exchange and contemplation of ideas is supposed to be the quitessential university paradigm.

I am prepared to think, to challenge and be challenged. But I find myself largely marginalized and ignored for not towing the party line.

I'm the first to admit that the party line has its good points. But I won't let anyone tell me what to think and what is good for me. I have a brain, and I plan to figure these things out on my own. That's one of the reasons I don't belong to a political party - because I reserve the right to change my mind at any given time.

As can be imagined, I am not the most popular student political junkie that ever was.

So I blog because no one will listen otherwise. I'm not a prof, don't have a classroom/audience, I don't start major protests and get airtime for shock value...

So maybe the world of York U is supposed to teach me about my own insignificance, but I refuse to be insignificant.

So I blog.....

...for freedom of expression and freedom of speech that don't compromise the education and safety of others.

...for the airing of unpopular views so that they may be debated all the same.

...for the sake of saying I am spending my time in university making a difference in some small way.

...for every silent York student who doesn't want to be bullied or misled into following someone else's ideas.

...for the students whose views differ from mine, so that we can share our ideas and learn from each other.

...for the idealists who really believe that this dialogue of opposing ideas is possible and

...for the cynics who stopped caring when they realized that it wasn't.

I'm an anonymous blogger, because I can't go public with my views. The consequences would be more trouble than it's worth.

So I blog for me, and for a world where someone like me can say who she is without fear of repercussions.


.....And that's the truth about York.

Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Linkfest, day 6......

Blogging is a procrastinator's dream come true.

So while there are a dozen other things I should be doing, tonight I present seven fun non-political Alliance blogs that I found today.

1. You have to give props for a catchy title to Chase me ladies, I'm in the cavalry.

Blog topics: Odd pick-up lines, and other things having to do with women.

He's an English teacher overseas, which makes for some interesting posting.

2. Primarily non-political blogging at Ripe Bananas. She's a Fly Biologist grad student who calls herself Fly Killa.

Like all female bloggers, she blogs about her pregnancy (hey can you blame her?).

Best part: She is a scientist, and spends an entire post talking in big words I don't understand about brain processes....and then explains it using Clint Eastwood. Hard core.

3. Fun Canadian blog called The Secret Life of Shoes is about things like shoes, Finding Nemo, Starbucks, and fun headlines.

4. If you like 70's Music, 80's Music, and Christian Recommended reading...., Writing To Understand is the blog for you.

5. If you thought only people could blog, you were wrong. Just read Hoppings of Roxette Bunny.

6. If you like monkeys, visit the Frank J. Fan Club.

7. Finally, a blogger younger than me. The Unmundane :.or.: the Anti-Hamster League is written by a fascinating teenager who blogs about normal things, and of course, the futility of homework.

PS: Why seven? Why not seven? Indeed.

Monday, July 26, 2004

Musical linkfest day five....

I love musical parodies.

The JibJab This Land parody I linked was picked up on CNN and the Today Show. Back on Canada Day, I wrote my own musical parody "Give up the grudge" to the tune of a GOB song, in honour of anti-war protesters.

So here's a linkfest devoted to musical parody:

1. Recently, Mark Steyn of SteynOnline posted a list of John Kerry campaign songs sent in be readers.

2. The Blogging Alliance of Free Blogs had a contest inspired by Physics Geek who posted the lyrics to a Weird Al song (weird Al is the parody master...). The Alliance's Harvey noted that the lyrics:

I may not be the sharpest hunk of cheese
I got a negative number on my SATs
I'm not good looking and I don't know how to dance
But nevertheless and in spite of the evidence I am still widely considered to be
A genius in France, a genius in France, a genius in France

sound a whole lot like Michael Moore winning all those awards at Cannes for (what's that movie called? farfignugen 7-11?)...

This inspired lots more Alliance parodies, some of which I will unveil below.

3. Many people made fun of Moore's girth, including Garrett from The O'Hara Factor.

4. Susie of Practical Penumbra was one of the many people who noted that the Weird Al parody "I'm Fat" (originally making fun of Michael Jackson's "I'm Bad") really fits Moore to a T.

5. In a post entitled Linda Ronstadt Hates Michael Moore?, Frank of IMAO notes that the lyrics of "Desperado", the song she got kicked out for singing, really don't compliment Moore so much.

6. Not that Moore is the only one mocked. Sandy Berger gets hit pretty bad, too.

And on and on....

Am I Right - Song Parodies site has dozens of parodies, some better than others, and if you want to read more anti-Moore parodies, there are more here, here, here, here, here, here, and especially here.

It's all about the Alliance!

Is hard work the new black?

This week's Carnival of the Capitalists is up, with some fascinating news. In What Have We Done Right?, Jeff Cornwall notes that today's youth are embracing free enterprise and entrepreneurship as well as the necessity of hard work.

Three cheers for us!

Sunday, July 25, 2004

Linkfest day four....let's get googly.

Something a bit different, here are ten York students who are interesting to Google:

1. In addition to being our York Federation of Students president, Paul Cooper is apparently a composer, screenwriter, artist and garden designer.

It must suck to have a common name.

2. A search for Freeman-Maloy lists about 800 websites that discuss our current star student. I didn't put in his first name because in some places it's Dan while in others it's Daniel. Best of all, my blog is one of the sites you find.

3. Similarly, a Shamini Selvaratnam search links to me - and I'm the second link! Ha.

4. Who knew that in New York state, there was a rabbi named Yaakov Roth?

5. The top ten results for Pablo Vivanco are primarily not in English, but one does link to a NOW magazine story from this year about the YFS election mess.

6. Was Jeremy Greenberg on the Brandeis debate team? Does anyone even know where Brandeis is?

7. CASA's Randy Orenstein has his eleventh birthday online. Man, frosh are getting young these days.

8. Susan Gapka does not have a common name, it appears. She is quoted a whole lot, with 176 listings. Hey, that's more than the votes she got in most recent elections.

9. Michelle Steele appears to be a security officer at UVic.

10. And as could be imagined, there are about a zillion lawyers named Michael Ferman.

All in a day's work!

And the winner is.....

First place to Yaakov Roth, who will get to pick July whiner of the month.
Honorable mention to Titus from SFU, who will get to pick some links for me to post in this week's linkfest.

For the original contest, click here.

Here is the corrected version with mistakes in italics and corrections to mistakes bolded. (Perhaps York should ensure that either its students can spell when they arrive, or teach them to spell once they get to York, so they don't make us all look like idiots, like Selvaratnam did.)

*Forward Widely*

***Dangerous Precedent being set by York U – Students Students' right to political organizing under attack***

York University student Daniel Freeman-Maloy was expelled suspended for 3 years without appeal by Lorna Marsden – President and Vice Chancellor of York University – on in a unilateral move. Since then the University’s Senate has passes passed a motion asking for the expelled student’s reinstatement yet nothing was done.

The university has sited cited three additional incidences incidents to show that Freeman-Maloy breeched breached the student code of conduct. What is alarming is that their list also included political organizing outside of the York University campus.

It is preposterous for the university to think that a student can be punished academically for their his or her life outside of campus. With the recent trend of increasing administrative interference with students’ right to organize, York’s move, if left uncontested, would set a dangerous precedent for other
institutions to clamp down on our student unions, and our right to
effectively participate in political organizing.

This case is now in front of the courts. If you are in-town in town(I know most of you are in Torotno Toronto) on Monday JULY 19, 2004, show your support and solidarity by coming down to the court house courthouse and listening to the hearing.

Monday, July 19
Divisional Court.
Osgoode Hall, (NE corner of Queen and University; if TTCing you can get off
at the Osgoode subway stop).

For more details about the case please read the attachment from the York
Free Speech committee.

In Friendship & Solidarity,
Shamini Selvaratnam

York University Senate

National Women's Representative
Canadian Federation of Students

Saturday, July 24, 2004

Linkfest day 3....only 24 minutes left

24 minutes left to today's linkfest (I suddenly understand the pressures of a daily blogger)..... and I remember that I need to post some links to celebrate the number of random strangers reading the silly things I write. So here: more silly things.
Today, ten university student blogs I find interesting:

1. Out in Saskatchewan, grrrl meets world is most entertaining, posting links to the same funny political cartoon I linked to the other day, as well as online karaoke which my fucked-up computer can't play, etc. etc. I enjoy reading her blog, but let's just say she's not as sympathetic to the GOP as some previous blogs I've read.

2. Fifteen minutes to go, I'm too slow! Some funny Newspaper bloggers, click on the list of "contributors" for more funny blogs, or just go to the website of the newspaper they write for on their day jobs.

3. Eight left. Shit. UWaterloo does blog hosting on its website (what a cool school), their current blogs include Dalton, Jeanine and Karim. Though these people seem like the squeaky-clean, we-love-our-university types, I think it is an awesome program, and would ROCK if York provided this service so we could have a York student blogosphere.

Of course, then I'd have to identify myself.

4. Three minutes left, and I've found The Tiger in Winter, a blog by a law student in Halifax. I've actually heard Dal is good, got a friend heading there in the fall myself. Just to rebalance, this guy reads Mark Steyn, and is dubbed an evil genius by the same internet quiz that called Fuki Blog the Ayn Rand ideal, and me a dictator. Hee hee.

(Silly follow up to linkfest #1 - Fuki's S. Michael Moore - what an unfortunate name - enjoyed the award. But not as much as I enjoyed bestowing it.)

5. Technically, I am now six minutes into Day 4, but I don't care, because blogger lets me go back in and change the date of the post. MWAHAHAHAHA!

Anyhow, for a twist, I stumbled upon Christina In Bristol, a Canadian girl studying in England. Links to funny things, including an article about a book written entirely without verbs. Weird.

6. 12:15 on Sunday morning, and Launch is having the terrible taste to play me some Hanson. Talk about weapons of mass destruction.

academia nuts is teaching me the proper spelling of Nipissing University. Her profile is fascinating, and her sidebar includes a list of what she's reading. This is a long-running blog dating back to 2002. Most people haven't been blogging that long.

7. 12:19. I'd be burning daylight except it's night. hand|paper|lake is a blog by this guy Dan from Lakehead U., who is getting married soon, so he also has a wedding blog called stacey|dan|together. Awwwwwww.

8. It's 12:23 and I'm making a mental note, as I so often do, to go back and visit more of the blogs I stumble upon on a regular basis. So many blogs, so little time. Any blog with the title Never too much Whisky must be a university blog. This guy was the president of Acadia Students' Union this past year, so he has a whole section dedicated to that. Also blogs about CASA, a Canadian student union I like because they don't make foreign policy a priority. Yay for actually lobbying on student issues.

9. Almost done, which is good, because it's 12:29 and I am getting tired. selfmadegirl is from Calgary, and like blogger #8, she links to her student newspaper and also to The Political Compass (I've been there already, I'm Libertarian Right, in case you were unsure.) Also links to Vegan Porn. Also posts things of interest to Yorkies, since they mention UofC's election bylaws (memories anyone?)
She says, and I quote:

The model that seems most likely to pass (with a predicted first reading occurring next Tuesday) is the one that will ban the sharing of funds between candidates. Simply put, a candidate will no longer be able to have the name or picture of another candidate on their campaign material. If one belongs to a Slate, putting the slate name and logo on the material would still be legit, provided the name and logo are not the name and picture of another candidate.

I wonder if rules like this would ever have stopped things from blowing up the way they did at York this year. Still amazes me that the mainstream national media showed up to cover a student government election.

and finally....
10. Maybe I'm a geek, but I like that renaissance grrrl blogs what she's reading. Includes: The Princess Bride (yay!), The Da Vinci Code, The Red Tent, etc. etc.

And I'm spent.

(If you're reading here, and it says Saturday on top, snicker because you know it's really Sunday and I just turned back the clock. Hee hee.)

Friday, July 23, 2004

Linkfest day two: Ten new blogs....

Today, I decided to surf off my blogroll to ten new blogs I'd never been to before.

Started by visiting one of the Alliance blogs, called dramaqueen. Anyhow, she recently tells a story about her family in four parts, so here is part one: the Hanged Man, part two: Strength and The Tower, part three: Temperance and the Ten of Swords, and part four: two words. This is kinda a girly and weepy story, but I really like the blog nonetheless, and will definitely be coming back.

Stop two I got to from dramaqueen, I clicked over here despite how girly this linkfest is getting, (and it only just started...) and I am glad I did. Found a Bridget Jones-esque blog entitled The Mommy Blog, and it is a bit fun. She blogs about the hassles of life, her family, and all manner of funny things. Plus, cool to meet bloggers who like to drink.

Then I floated over to a blog entitled Here be hippogriffs, since I thought a Harry Potter blog would be interesting. Of course, it's another mommy blog, so posts about her pregnancy, and of course, food, as every pregnant woman should...and of course her cat.

Good blog, but #4 really needs to be a male blogger.....

Well, blog #4, self-indulgent ramblings, is by a mom, but she blogs about her husband and sons, and it can't be too girly....she blogs about Thomas the Tank Engine.

Fortunately, blogger #4 links to a German dad whose blog, Raising Chooks, mentions more European cities on one page than an atlas. Mentions Slytherin. What pop culture Harry has become.

Of course, the weirdness of the world took me to another blog, TooDangers World, which I am sure is lovely but I can't know for certain, since it's German. Hopefully, I'll be able to read blog #7.

So I ended up next on | up your workplace, a site which has picture of, and comments about, people's work stations. Apprently, blogger #6 can indeed speak English, since he posted a picture of his room with the caption: "the place I live, drink, eat, sleep, cry, play, jerk off!"

And I thought we were getting too girly. My mistake.

Still, the fun site led me to a dead end, but I am only at six bloggers. Need four more. Off to, my favourite blog. Hartley blogs about Saddam Hussein before leading me to blogger #8, h s n d r a k e . c o m, a political blog not updated since March. Gordon is well written, though, and has good taste, pointing me to blogger #9,, a rower in Victoria. In recent posts, Scott tells us how he made the worlds and is now in Spain with Team Canada. How cool is it to be blogging from the Worlds in any sport?

Anyhow, the only thing Scott links to is The Globe and Mail, so I give up. Maybe my linkcrawl tomorrow will be more successful.

In the meantime, happy blogging.

Thursday, July 22, 2004

Headlines and more

To read about reinstated "activist" Dan, you can look at The Toronto Star or The Globe and Mail, or just read on for my exclusive list of the top ten things Dan Freeman-Maloy plans to do when returning to school in the fall:

10. Start campaign to emancipate downtrodden Tim Horton's coffee servers.
9. Lobby York Senate to make "AS/POLS 4091 3.00: Marxism, Feminism, Poststructuralism" a mandatory graduation requirement.
8. Create a new student club called RSY - rusticated students of York.
7. Run for YFS president with a slate called: "Whose Campus? The Left's Campus!"
6. Call for a Hillel-SPHR peace process, with a one-club solution.
5. Rename Excalibur "Palestine Weekly".
4. Host screenings of Fahrenheit 9/11 in GSA office.
3. Picket the 9th floor.
2. Write "Zionism is racism" editorial.
1. Try to get the megaphone choir to be made a permanent musical fixture.

Linkfest day one!

I thought, since whiner of the month is so popular, some blogging awards.

Superb Post Awards:

Common sense award in music: Dude, What about the Kids?: I'll take Avril

The anti-elitist award: The Truth Laid Bear: Who Watches The Watchers?

The terrorism-is-not-okay award: Random Pensees: "Root Causes"

The righteous indignation award: Being American in T.O.: 5 Years for Adscam answers

The soul-searching award: Fringe: These Five Things

Best bovine reprint: : : : W e t w i r e d . o r g : : : Government and corporations with cows

Political polemicizing award: Right Wing News: 40 Reasons To Vote For George Bush Or Against John Kerry

Overall blog quality awards:

Student journalism blog award: Gateway staff unofficial blog

Mainstream journalism blog award: National Post

The Ayn Rand award: Fuki Blog

The make-me-laugh-till-milk-comes-out-my-nose award: Right Wing Duck and IMAO

The blog I can't go two hours without checking:

More scandal, shenanigans and fun all this week at The Truth About York!

1000 bottles of.....something....

Woo hoo!

It's been 3 months and 8 days and who knows how many hours.....

We've hit 1000 hits.

And people think university students are apathetic.

In honour of this landmark, I hereby decree 7 days of rejoicing, to commence immediately. There will be links. Lots of links!

Wednesday, July 21, 2004

Welcome back Dan....

He is back.

Let's pray he decides to keep his megaphone to himself.

Fortunately, I don't have class in Vari Hall this year.

Reason #654 to love York

Ha! Osgoode is clearly better than UPenn. Little Green Footballs reports that a university class will be creating the criminal code for the Maldives, in which, "as a matter of law, all citizens are Muslim". The law code, will of course be based on Sharia law.

Why York is better?

The 1965 York University Act, which, when passed, made York a university, states:
"15. No religious test shall be required of any professor, lecturer, teacher, officer, employee or student of the University, nor shall any religious observances according to the regulations of any particular denomination or sect be imposed upon them."

I have a new slogan for us:

York: Where it isn't ok to stone people for keeping the wrong religion.

Far, far better than "redefine the possible".

Dan 1, Lorna 0

Christie Blatchford brings us the results of yesterday.

Three cheers for due process.

Update on contest: There has been a request as to what the prize will be for the winner of this week's contest. I have decided that the winner will get to select the July whiner of the month, within reasonable limits.

Entries due Saturday, click here for the original contest.

Tuesday, July 20, 2004

I don't usually post on foreign policy but....

This is what we need more of at York - people with a sense of humor. So, from, behold the funniest thing I've seen in a long time.

(Thanks to reader J for the link.)

Monday, July 19, 2004


TTAY got mentioned in the most recent Carnival of the Capitalists.

Also, we got picked up on Fringe, which rocks.

Sunday, July 18, 2004

Whiners alert: Hearing tomorrow? Or lack thereof?

Dan Freeman-Maloy's suspension is getting complicated. Tomorrow, a hearing is being held where President Marsden's lawyers will argue that York should be able to hold their own hearing, and that the courts should butt out. (Otherwise, a hearing was going to be on August 12 where Dan's lawyers were going to argue that York sucks and should not have kicked out Dan.)

I am a bit torn, and have been for a while. It is clear to me that Dan broke the rules. (I personally saw him use a megaphone once when he should not have been doing so.) It is clear to me that when I am trying to take a test, and he is trying to use a megaphone, he is both breaking the rules, and negatively affecting my education. It is clear that I want him gone. But he deserves to have the whole thing done properly.

I hate that he and his cronies are trying to make this into a free-speech issue. This is NOT about free speech. No one is saying Dan cannot speak. We are saying he should not scream while other people are trying to take a test.

Of course, I'm not going tomorrow, but it would be funny to see what happens.

In the meanwhile, April's whiner of the month Shamini Selvaratnam is busy, whining as usual. Her latest was forwarded to me via a whole bunch of people, and thus I present an example of why people at York (especially Shamini) are dumb:

So a contest. Props to the person who can find the most spelling and grammar mistakes in this letter. Super bonus points for factual errors. There are several of both. Email to thetruthaboutyork[at]

I amuse myself tremendously.

Update: Hmmm, I forgot to post a deadline. How is Saturday night the 24th? All entries must be done by then.


*Forward Widely*

***Dangerous Precedent being set by York U – Students right to political
organizing under attack***

York University student Daniel Freeman Maloy was expelled for 3 years
without appeal by Lorna Marsden – President and Vice Chancellor of York
University – on a unilateral move. Since then the University’s Senate has
passes a motion asking for the expelled student’s reinstatement yet nothing
was done.

The university has sited three additional incidences to show that
Freeman-Maloy breeched the student code of conduct. What is alarming is that
their list also included political organizing outside of the York University

It is preposterous for the university to think that a student can punished
academically for their life outside of campus. With the recent trend of
increasing administrative interference with students’ right to organize,
York’s move if left uncontested would set a dangerous precedent for other
institutions to clamp down on our student unions, and our right to
effectively participate in political organizing.

This case is now in front of the courts. If you are in-town (I know most of
you are in Torotno) on Monday JULY 19, 2004 show your support and solidarity
by coming down to the court house and listening to the hearing.

Monday, July 19
Divisional Court.
Osgoode Hall, (NE corner of Queen and University; if TTCing you can get off
at the Osgoode subway stop).

For more details about the case please read the attachment from the York
Free Speech committee.

In Friendship & Solidarity,
Shamini Selvaratnam

York University Senate

National Women's Representative
Canadian Federation of Students

Monday, July 12, 2004

Shades of BtVS

As you may or may not already be aware, members of the Watcher's Council hold a vote every week on what they consider to be the most link-worthy pieces of writing around... per the Watcher's instructions, I am submitting one of my own posts for consideration in the upcoming nominations process.

I figured, why not? I like the idea of a website that copies Buffy The Vampire Slayer , one of the best TV shows that ever aired. So with no further ado, gratuitous linkage:

Here is the most recent winning council post, here is the most recent winning non-council post, here is the list of results for the latest vote, and here is the initial posting of all the nominees that were voted on.

No I don't hate corporate America!

York University students like to whine about the fact that Pepsi has an exclusive deal with York so that all the cold drinks sold on campus (except at Wendy's!) are from Pepsi's family of beverages.

I'd like to ask, why complain?

My chief problem with the "tuition reduction" movement on campus is that they expect something for nothing. People want free or lower tuition. They ALSO want good professors, libraries full of books and small class sizes.

Some days I think these people would rather attend FantasyLand University. The money has to come from somewhere. In their minds, it appears that "somewhere" is "anyone other than me."

FACT: In 1998, York University signed an exclusive beverage deal with Pepsi. They get a captive audience, and we get:

• $120,000 per year to the York Federation of Students, the Graduate Student Association and the Student Centre Corporation.
• $125,000 per year to Sport and Recreation York.
• $125,000 per year to Fine Arts/Cultural programming.
• $105,000 per year to undergraduate non-Faculty college student councils.
• $25,000 per year to the Glendon College Student Union.
• $250,000 per year to complete the York Stadium

(this is verbatim from the above website.)

So while the "campus activists" complain all day about how Pepsi is evil, (while many of them are from the organizations getting the money), and we are getting the benefits of all the above perks.

That means the soccer team gets to go on tournaments (I assume we have a soccer team. I don't know for sure. But the point stands. Our athletic teams are under-funded.)
That means the GSA gets to campaign for more full-time profs.
That means the colleges run orientations that are fun.
That means Pepsi is paying for campus life.

Seems like a small price to pay. Something for nothing does not exist. SOMEONE has to pay for orientation. Pepsi is willing to. Seems to me we all win.

Someone once complained to me that the Pepsi vending machines say "Thank you for choosing Pepsi". This person was upset, because they felt that we have no choice. Pepsi is not a choice.

I, being impolite, laughed in this person's face.

Of COURSE we have a choice! Pepsi does not force us to vend. York does not require us to purchase Pepsi or else we don't graduate.

You don't like it, walk to Wendy's. Bring a soda from home. Buy coffee. You can always opt-out. But don't suggest that because YOU prefer Coke, no one can have orientation money from Pepsi. Because that is selfish.

And that's the truth about York.

Critical thinking skills anyone?

An interesting post that links to an interesting article. I'm not sure I agree with his point. But worth a read nonetheless. If only he had written about "mass women".

Wednesday, July 07, 2004

TTAY gets picked up

Been a great week for us, we got featured in the weekly Best of Me symphony and the New Blog Showcase.

Of course, despite the basic entry requirements, it basically takes very little to get listed - you just sort of have to show up.

Sort of like a B+ at York I guess.

Canadian Teens think I'm evil

I'm coming out of the red, white and blue closet. In case it wasn't clear before, I'm an American at York.

Apparently, according to Canadian teens, that makes me evil. Little Green Footballs (a blog worth reading) reports on the poll cited in

News flash. Racism on campus is there. A LOT. And supposedly, we're not supposed to think it's ok to hate someone because of her nationality.

Oh, wait. We hate Americans at York.

At long bloody last

I like to procrastinate. Thus, even though July is a week old, I am only now writing about June's Whiner of the Month.
Winner: Hands down, the Canadian Federation of Students.
If their absurd VoteEducation.Ca website wasn't silly enough, their June 16 charter challenge was just silly. At the time, a National Post article (that I can no longer find) had a student claiming that the law discriminates against women because women are more likely to have student debt.

That's just a silly argument.

Dan Freeman-Maloy got a bum rap

Forgive me for comparing apples and oranges, but a pair of parents who caged and beat their children were sentenced to nine months in prison (while these children will be in therapy for the rest of their lives.)

In comparison, DF-M (I'm getting tired of typing the whole thing) used a megaphone twice, and got rusticated for three years. Far be it from me to be a DF-M fan, but something isn't right here.

Maybe the world would be safer if Lorna was an Ontario Court Judge.

Monday, July 05, 2004

Raise your hand if you remember Moose

In the news recently is the ISM - the International Solidarity Movement, which calls itself a peace organization, but has a bit of a history of doing not-so-peaceful things.

Worth reading are the post and the lengthy treatise on the subject offered by

The current stories of the "next generation" of s--- disturbers off to Isreal hearken a certain familiarity to last summer's famed ISM volunteer Mostafa Henaway, who was arrested for being in Israel on an expired Visa last fall. Mostafa, who was known as Moose by the Founders College students who loved him, was president of Founders College Council until he left. Coincidentally, at the same time that Moose left, all the FCC money was discovered to be missing.

But I'm sure that was just a coincidence.

Thursday, July 01, 2004

Two kinds of York students

I have been asked why I dislike the CFS and certain York groups so much. That is a valid question.

Are they not, after all, just expressing their opinions?

The answer, of course, is that there are two kinds of students at York: Those who want to protest the war on Iraq, and those who want to go to class and ultimately graduate.

Here's to hoping that the Iraqis, who now have their sovereignty back, will settle into democracy without too much kerfluffle, and that the rest of us can now go back to class.

Of course, with that new controversial film coming out, somehow I doubt it.

So here is my theme song to sing to people who are anti- war/American/conservative/my-right-to-go-to-class and thus protest all day.

GOB's "Give up the grudge":

Don't make me listen to the megaphone choir again
Still protesting a war that already reached the end
I hear them whining and complaining like they got it so tough
We’re sick of all your protests will you ever shut up!

So keep acting your mock checkpoints till no one even sees them
If that's the best you can make up, at least act like you mean it

Give up the grudge, shut your f***ing mouth
Why you gotta judge everbody but yourself
Take a look around, no one seems to care
Have you heard of lecture hall, maybe you should go there!

Your tuition's too high yeah that's a cryin shame
I guess 5 k a year buys nothing but complaints
The people in my riding think Stephen Harper's a threat
But Layton's a millionaire and Martin put you into debt!

So keep quoting Michael Moore till no one even hears it
If that's the best you can make up, perhaps you shouldn't be here!

Give up the grudge, shut your f***ing mouth
Why you gotta judge everbody but yourself
Take a look around, no one seems to care
Have you heard of lecture hall, maybe you should go there!