Tuesday, June 08, 2004

Reading between the lines

I've been critical of many people and organizations before, not the least of which is the Canadian Federation of Students.

It now appears that they and the political stooges who represent them at York have derailed the planned defederation, putting their needs ahead of the rest of us at York, who are sick of their shenanigans.

We're apparently not the only ones who want out.

Defederation was proposed in February, by the new council. Concerns people had included the fact that the CFS ran a war on Iraq strike and shut down classes, which is extremely inappropriate. Most people can't even tell you what continent Iraq is on. It seems ridiculous that they are stopping classes to do something so insignificant - did they actually think their protest was going to change anything? - and so divisive, yet claim to represent us all.

Though the democratically elected council passed defederation in April, a small group of people are still resisting.

It's time to add one more voice to this rowdy debate which shows a few select council members just talking back and forth on the same issue.

Here's my voice: We don't need a referendum to tell us that the CFS are hardliners and represent only a small, extreme minority of students.

We don't need a referendum to tell us that we need out.

And that's the truth about York.


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