Friday, June 18, 2004

Reader Feedback, part two: Excal chatters slander me

So I made the mistake of posting the URL to this in a post I wrote in an Excalibur forum, where we were talking about the federal election.

I got majorly dissed for my troubles.

One poster wrote:
"It's so funny to see someone claim they and they alone 'speak the truth.'"

Which I so don't claim. All I say is that not all of the truth is what we see written about in the York media and national media, so I present the truth as I see it, so people can realize that you don't have to follow the "Excalibur" or "Toronto Star" version of the truth because different people have different truths. And Blogger is a good way to add my voice to the chorus of voices.

A second poster wrote:

"Judging by her rants against Excal, I'm guessing they must have rejected her "writing pieces", (I use the term loosely)."

Such slurs. Now, of course you readers out there have to trust me on this one, but I can safely say that Excalibur has NEVER rejected a contribution I made to the paper.

But at least I know I've made it - now that people hate me.

And that's the truth about - oh, whatever.


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