Thursday, June 03, 2004

Paul, you listening?

Nobody saw Progress not Politics coming - none of those silly York political types did anyways.

The former York student government spent oodles of cash on political campaigns that pissed people off. They were instrumental in shutting down school in opposition to the war in Iraq, they fought against the ability of a certain student group to bring the speakers they wanted, and then they randomly extended their term.

Their constituents were pissed. The people they never expected to vote - all of us apathetic York types who do have a life outside of school - came out in numbers and voted in a group of virtual unknowns (PNP) who made a whole bunch of sexy promises, such as "we will not prevent you from going to class just because we have a political agenda to push".

Paul Martin should stop, look, and listen.

A government cannot expect to stay in power indefinitely if they are abusing the trust of their constituents. They cannot expect a fear-based stranglehold on power to last in the face of what we at York like to call "orderly democratic change".

I thought my voice didn't matter at York - until I voted PNP and saw that my actions could create change. Students don't want to vote because they think their votes don't count.

I learned at York that they do.

I am 22 years old. I have, statistically, a 27% (give or take) chance of voting in this election. But you better believe I'll be out there at the poll.

I am pissed. And my vote counts.

And together, we can affect change.

And that's the truth about York.


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