Sunday, May 23, 2004

You call that a protest?

When you go to York, you get used to seeing lots of protests. They traditionally include yelling, screaming, crowds, and noise.

Dan's protest had none of the above. A group of people (most of whom didn't look like students) stood around and blew into cones made out of bristol board. I could barely keep from laughing as I made my way to the library Thursday afternoon.

It was small, it was reserved, and no one was around to see it. The Star says no one was in class either.

I doubt it did anything but then it was different from the traditional scare tactics of the Palestinian lobby - nobody yelled in my face, called me a fascist, or forced propaganda into my hand on the way to class. I wasn't even asked to sign anything without being told what it was. If Maloy's expulsion served to teach these people that there is a need for courtesy while protesting, then maybe it is a good thing.

And that's the truth about York.


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