Tuesday, May 04, 2004

The Price of an Education

I pay 4,183.50 in academic fees for a year at York at present.
That doesn't bug me.
People whine about tuition. Well, you pay for the fact that you won't be spending the rest of your life flipping burgers.
I'm okay with that.
But I am paying hundreds of dollars every year to ridiculous organizations that don't deserve to get my money unasked. Sure, I give to charity, but they don't take without asking.
Listed here are the supplementary fees for the university.
Nobody is going to tell me that $2.10 for the sexual assualt survivors support line is unrealistic. Take the toonie. I don't need the extra cup of coffee.

but I pay:
$19.20 for my student government, YFS
$28.50 for my college (which means i am paying for them to go to Mamma Mia for $40 a pop and buying the banner paper they use to advertise it nonetheless)

So i am investing almost $50 every year into student government.

$3.50 for a radio station listened to by NO ONE...
$7.20 for the Canadian Federation of Students, a lobby group most famous for shutting down schools in protest of the Iraq war and getting arrested a whole bunch.
$3.00 for the Ontario Public Interest Research group (I'm the public, and I'm not interested.....so what do they do exactly?)
$.90 for the World University Service of Canada - can it be simultaneously both Canada and the world?

....among others.
I'll pay for the student centre because I get value from it. I'll pay for the legal aid services, because that sounds like a safe $1.50 investment. I'll even pay for the women's centre out of the goodness of my heart, though it seems suspect that there is no men's centre.

But it seems to me that just because a couple thousand students in the 90's thought this was a good idea, I have to be saddled with it.

People whine all the time about tuition is too high. Why aren't we talking about the fact that when you show up for an education, they tax you for student politicians and activists trying to play grown up?

We hear about "rights" and "justice" all the time. Well, us silent students have rights too. You want to hang out on your bandwagon? Well be a dear and stop it long enough for me to get off.

I don't need to pay for this. I just came to get a degree.

And that's the truth about York.


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